10 Tips for Commenting on Blogs

blog c omments Blogs share information and start conversations. For many bloggers, the biggest compliment they can receive is a comment, whether the commenter agrees or disagrees.  The blog author has provoked a thought with the reader and provide a forum for expression. The key to a good blog article is the content. Content is always king and the better the article, the more comments received.  Content is also king when leaving comments on blogs. A well thought out comment not only shows that you actually read the blog but that you learned something, have some additional points to share, have a different point of view and that your comment is worth sharing with other commenters.

10 Tips for Commenting on Blogs

1. Add value.  Say why you thought it was a great post.  How was it useful to you? How will you incorporate into your own life?

2. Support your position. This is easy when you agree however when you disagree simply saying “You’re Wrong” or “I disagree” without supporting your position is pointless.

3. Read comments. This is difficult on popular blogs that receive 50+ comments each day but read quite a few so that you get a feel for the tone of the comments.  If you have the same thought as someone who comments, add that to your comment. “I agree with Sharon … “

4. Reply to other comments. Engage other commenters and share your thoughts with them.  This can start many conversations and build relationships as well.

5. Be real. Express your thoughts by sharing an experience that is relevant to the post or some other way that gives a little insight of who you are.

6. Ask questions. Asking questions is a great way to gain more insight into a post or clarify something you are unsure of.  Many bloggers respond to questions and are willing to help.

7. Avoid WIIFM. Thinking solely about link building and improving your rankings by leaving a comment touches on your credibility. You took the time to read the post so why not take the time to comment without thinking about you.

8. Avoid selling.  This ties into #7. If there is a link that you wish to provide that adds to the post that is relevant then by all means but to post a link to your site telling other commenters to check out your new product will get you deleted and viewed as a spammer.

9. Avoid stalking/mass commenting.  Comment when you can provide value. Going to every post that the blogger has written and writing a comment, especially just “Great Post” can be viewed a spammer. Also avoid posting the same comment across similar blog topics. Yes, post often but be smart.

10. Don’t be rude or insulting.  Insulting the blogger does what for you? Ok you disagree but blatently insulting has no place in blog comments.  Offer constructive criticism a professional manner. You will gain more respect.

Bloggers spend quite a bit of time researching and writing their blogs to add value to the readers just as much as the readers add value to the blog.  As you read your favorite blogs each day and comment, visit the blogs of the other commenters.  Each week try and find 1 new blog and leave a comment.  Encourage someone who is new to blogging by leaving a comment.  It will make their day and inspire them to continue blogging.

Agree? Disagree?  The door is always open to share your thoughts.

photo credit: digitalrob70