11 Email Marketing Tips

email marketing, Blue Sky FactoryEmail marketing is alive and well and continues to be a very viable marketing medium. Email is one of the best ways to reach people – people that want to hear from you with newsletters, special offers, company news, surveys and events. What makes a successful email campaign?

11 Email Marketing Tips

1. Headline. The headline is what will get the email read. Be careful to avoid keywords that will flag the spam filters.  A good headline is under 50 characters and is the hook to get them to open. Headlines that entice people to open are ones that appeal to the emotions; a need, want, desire or problem solver.

2. Consistent Design. Utilizing your corporate identity by incorporating your colors, logo helps to visually identify with your company. It does not have to be exact but needs to be recognizable. Avoid too many images and too many videos. Too much is just too much.

3. Content. The first few sentences need to make it very clear why you are sending the email and what you want them to do. Focus on benefits to them and not the product or service itself. The headline gets the email opened, the content gets them engaged.

4. Single Message. Trying to put in too many different things is confusing and makes the reader unsure of what to do. People skim we know and you will lose them if there is too many different things going on.

5. Call to Action.  A precise and clear call to action that tells them what you want them to do. If you want them to download something, call, fill out form – spell it out so there is no question on how readers can get what they need.

6. Build own list, do not buy. Do not spam. Really, just do not. If you do not have a list to email to, then do not send the email and build your list. How many emails do you get a day are ones that you do not open as they are unsolicited? My poor Hotmail, Gmail and Kherize5.com email accounts get flooded each day with crap that get deleted.

7. An Unsubscribe. Ever get emails that you did not ask for and there is no unsubscribe? You have to give people the option to opt out.

8. Proofread. Typos happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them however taking steps to do all that you can to avoid them.

9. Test. Send test emails to see how the email will open. Send them to friends and family for them to proofread and see how they interact with it.

10. Know Your Audience. Knowing your audience habits helps to know not only what they are looking for but when they are more apt to open the email and read.

11. Use an Email Service. Constant ContactBlue Sky Factory, etc. to send your emails. Keep it professional is what comes to mind as the ease of using these services far out weights the cost associated. These services track the opens, forwards, undelivered and unsubscribes.

Email marketing builds brand awareness, relationships and generates sales. Know your audience and what they are looking for, expect and how you can fulfill their needs.

I’ll delve into more on how to build your lists and some more tips on each type of emails to send.  With the holidays coming it is important to remember that there will be a flood of emails that are noise and setting yourself apart is what will get you read.

What has worked for you in email marketing?  What companies have you used for your efforts?

photo credit: Danard Vincente