13 Twitter Personas

twitter, twitter persona

Twitter the 140 character phenomenon has changed the way we communicate and share information. As Twitter expands upon its services with Lists that have gotten a lot of chatter this week, it is becoming more and more apparent where we fit in. What type of tweeter are you?

1. The Informer. Tweets are news based – breaking news, weather, celebrities, odd news, etc.

2. The Quoter. All quotes, all the time.

3. The Spammer. We despise them but they are still able to exist in our world.

4. The Retweeter. The sharer of all things. Their main purpose is to find good tweets and articles and share.

5. The Sports Fan. We know who they root for and when their team is playing for sure.

6. The Complainer. Tweets are over and over complaining about something.

7. The Socializer. Their tweets are friendly and caring. Talk to people they know and get to know new ones.

8. The Inspirer. Tweets filled with words of inspiration to get us through the day.

9. The Helper. These folks provide the best customer service ever. They are always there to lend a hand with whatever you need.

10. The Monday Morning QB.  Always ready to comment on other tweets but never throwing their own stuff out there.

11. The Joker. Just jokes all the time.

12. The Real Celebrities. The real celebrities have an opportunity to engage and interact in a “safe” manner.

13. The Let’s Mix it Uppers. These people do not fall into one specific persona as they throw a lot out there.

Which one do you identify with? How does this identification affect your social media strategy or does it have no impact? Me, I am #12 as I am the sports fan, the retweeter, the informer and the socializer. I need to be more of a helper.

photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik