11 Tips for Writing Enticing Blog Headlines

blog  headlinesWriting a blog headline is sometimes one of the hardest part of the blog. Ultimately you want the blog to be read and well received but if the headline is not enticing enough, the well received does not even come into play as the blog is not read. Headlines has never been my strongest suit as exemplified by some that have appeared on this blog. When I get stuck on a headline or a tagline for clients I pace or take a drive (probably an excuse to get my “fix” of Diet Pepsi 44oz fountain drink) and say words out loud to get the right one. People have said to me that they hit the proverbial wall and cannot write a post as they do not have a headline. My advice, write the post, the headline many times is born from within the post itself. Keeping a list near by of types of headlines that work well is never a bad idea either.

11 Tips for Writing Enticing Blog Headlines

1.Keywords. Headlines with keywords tells the reader what to expect and have tremendous value but do not on focus on keyword laden headlines. Explore a bit.

2. Find Niche & Say Focused. Give readers what they want and expect from you from what they have “told” you they want. We all have outside interests and rants or feel good articles that deserve to be posted but it is best to stay on track to grow within your community.

3. Benefits. Solve a problem, showcase a need. These headlines openers to what is to come in the article.

4. All About Them. The emphasis here is focused on fast movement. “How You Can …” or something of the like that is legit and credible.  Headlines that seem spammy or not credible get ignored.

5. News. Blog articles that are on the cutting edge of new technology, products or a big event that mentions in the headline what is going on are read so long as it is the content is valuable.

6. Controversy. These can be a risk as you have to support your opinion in the article itself. If you do not fully support your opinion the controversial headline is useless.

7. Questions. A question that speaks to our audience directly “Have You?” “Do You” “Want to.”

8. Humor. Headlines with humor generally garner a good open rate but the payoff sometimes is not always there in the body copy.

9. Power Words. Power words that entice within your niche. “Tips” “Ways” “Avoid” or big brands.

10. Peak Curiosity. Similar to power words but these take on a different tone.  Words like “learn”, “never …”

11. Personalize Language. Talk directly to them by using “you” in the headline or contained within the body copy. Make the reader feel like you are talking directly to them.

Blogs are a forum to share information, thoughts, humor, not so easy subjects to speak about, ideas – more or less what you want people to know. At times it is not so different when we speak face to face, we tell people what we want them to know whether that be for support, a reaction, praise or just trying to help share what we have learned.

Tell me what headlines have been home runs for you and what have been a 4th and 1, 12 yard sack?

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  • Thanks for the tips. Helpful.
    Posted @ Thursday, November 05, 2009 12:29 PM by James V. O'Connor jimo@oconnorpr.com

    Suzanne, Your list of writing appealing headlines is “right on” — actually most of these tips are also useful to help writers make the entire blog article “newsworthy” and “sticky.”

    Thanks for this very practical guide.
    Posted @ Thursday, November 05, 2009 3:44 PM by Shari Weiss Sharisax@aol.com

    James & Shari

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I hope to bring more useful tips that you can use in your blogs or with clients.
    Posted @ Thursday, November 05, 2009 5:10 PM by Suzanne Vara suzanne@kherize5.com