7 Main Readers of Your Blog

readers of blogWho is reading your blog? You hope everyone you are targeting however this is not always the case.  People who are commenting you can converse with and also check out their blog to see what industry they are in and reach out to them but what about those who do not comment or do not even subscribe.  Who are they?

7 Main Readers of Your Blog

1. Have To’s. These are friends and family.  They will support you in any way they can but really they feel obligated, unless they are in the business.

2. Loyalists.  They found your blog, love it, subscribe, comment on it, retweet it and are always there. These people we love as they will do all that they can do get new readers for you – new people they can engage with on comments.  They feel like they know you and quite frankly probably almost do.

3. Influencers.  These at first glance or thought are loyalists but they are the big names within your industry.  You write something great that your loyalists spread around, they find it and have no reservations on retweeting it. They read a few other posts and check back in from time to time.  Inspiration to continue to do good work!

4. Influenced.  These folks are every category here of the influencers.  They find you because an influencer mentioned the post and they have to check it out. If a big name likes it, they have to see why.  Human nature.

5. Readers. They also found our blog, overall like it, do not comment, maybe subscribe but certainly pop in to read when the topic grabs them.

6. Watchers. These are your competitors and at times clients or the soon to be clients. Never a bad idea to see what the competition is doing and to see who is reading their blog from comments. The clients or the son to be clients are ensuring that they can trust you.

7. Drive By’s. They were searching for something, found it, maybe read it, moved on and never to return.

Every reader to your blog is an another set of eyes that is appreciated and you just never know whose eyes will become a loyalist. A new blogger, a climbing the ladder or a seasoned vet is always looking to make a difference and get new readers.  The key is to make a difference- educate, provoke thought, help, share – all fundamentals we learned at a very young age that blogging is bringing to the forefront.

Which one are you? A combination of a few?  Let’s get a conversation started and get to know each other!

photo credit: BobbyProm