3 Common Mistakes When Developing Logos

developing logos You’ve taken the plunge and now have your own business.  The perfect name has been selected and now it is time to design a company logo.  The logo identifies your company and many times is the starting block for the branding of the company.

Where do you start?  How do you know if the logo is good and projects the intended image of the company?

well designed logo represents who you are as a company and where you fit in. There are text logos and those that have a graphic iconic element.  Neither is necessarily better or worse than the other as there are pros and cons to each.

Over the years, I have found 3 common mistakes companies make when developing logos:

1. Poor Font Choice. The font needs to be simple, clean, easy to read and represent your business. The font choice is extremely important as has an emotional connection with the target audience.  If it is too similar to another well known company then the association is to the other company. The color is the 2nd most important factor.  A color can change the look of the font.

2. Not Considering Every Possible Place the Logo will Appear. Each and every medium should be considered when designing the logo; from the signage to embroidery on t-shirts or hats. A very thin or thick font does not always reproduce well in print, clothing,signage, etc.  Imagine having a logo that cannot be reproduced onto the latest and greatest product?

3. Very Complicated Design. A logo that is too over the top with the font or the color is useless if no one can easily read and identify it.  Every company wants the nicest and best looking logo and that can be achieved in a simple layout.  Historically the most successful Fortune 500 companies have had a very simple logo.

When thinking about the design of your company logo, it is best to think about the image you wish to portray and then choosing the font and colors that represents that image and the company as whole (ie a metals manufacturing company probably would not be using a fancy script font).

Your logo is one of your great marketing tools as it is generally the most visible. Stand out from our competitors and connect emotionally with your consumers with a good strong well designed logo.

Have a great idea for a logo but do not have the tools to create it?  Give us a call and we will create it.

Photo credit Annie Mole