4 B’s of Generating Attention

4B's of generating attention In business, we all want and need attention to generate leads that turn into sales. How do we get it?  I ttended Inbound Marketing University where one of the  presenters was David Meerman Scott.  He discussed the 4 ways to generate attention and posted a blog “All We Really Want is ATTENTION.” In the seminar and his post, he identifies the 4 ways as: Buy, Beg, Bug and Earn.  Taking this a bit further and identifying Earn as “Build then Earn”, the 4 B’s of Generating Attention are:

1. Buy = Paid Advertising & Marketing. Bought attention is all forms of paid advertising & marketing. Print, radio, TV, signage, business cards, corporate brochures, shirts, magnets, etc.  Simply, any branded material that you pay for.

2. Beg = Public Relations. Public Relations is very effective and when you have something worthwhile and newsworthy the challenge and the begging aspect comes into play to get it printed and talked about.

3. Bug = Salespeople. Generating sales is imperative to the succcess of a business but can be very time consuming as relationships need to be developed. Relationships convert to sales in the long run.

4. Build & Earn = Sales. Before you can earn attention you need to build.  Building starts from the creating relevant content and placing/publishing on social media sites to gain the trust of readers/viewers to persuade them to buy and then have them share with everyone they know.

Gaining the right attention is a combination of the 4 B’s. Whether you are a large, mid-sized or small company, the tactics utilized to gain attention need to be well thought out and planned. Look at each of these and consider them as a mini-marketing campaign. Create your stragetic marketing plan to build trust and an army of believers.

How do you get attention? Do you use one form and it works? Thoughts?