5 Essentials When Advertising Your Small Business

advertising essentialsAdvertise your Business! Now is the time to plan for the big holiday push and take your advertising campaigns off life support.

Advertising sets out to persuade people to buy your product or service by effectively targeting them where they reside.  Traditional media (print, radio & TV) has often been called noise as it interrupts people when they are not wanting to watch or listen or see ads while relaxing.  The same can be said for banner ads and pop-ups on the internet.  While the internet does allow for targeting a specific group more closely, ads will reach people who have no need or interest in your product or service.

5 Essentials for Advertising Your Business:

1. Identify target market. Who wants and needs your product or service? Find out where they hang out and develop a plan around this.  Use multiple mediums to see what work best.  Teens still watch tv as they talk about the show they just wanted with their friends on Facebook!

2. Determine Budget. Be reasonable here.  Remember you need a good balance of reach and frequency to get people to identify with your product/service and the make the decision to buy.  Being top of mind never hurts!

3.  Research and Determine Mediums.  Get media kits and read through proposals you receive.  It is very easy to get caught up in the number of spots and not realizing that half of them are in the middle of the night and on a sister station that is the lowest rated station.

4. Create Single Message. Focus on 1 product or service and how it will add value to the consumers life.

5. Design/Produce. Best advice here is to higher someone unless you are a graphic designer.  Designers have the experience with where to best position, which fonts work best and overall layout.  Your ad whether it is print, radio, tv or on the internet, is a reflection of your brand and the company overall.  Let’s make it a good one!

Taking the time to look at all the various mediums that are available will go a long way.  Tight budgets do not allow for trying something and hoping it will work.  Researching where your target market is will go a long way. Once you have that information, be sure to really look at the medium.  For example, your target watches so you decide to run a few commercials during the show. Great! The station gives you a bonus spot to run before the show.  Only to find out the show before Hanna Montana is Mickey Mouse Club which your target will not be tuning in for. The bonus spot meaningless!

Ready to kickstart your advertising for the holiday season? Are you spending more or less than last year?  Just have some media placement questions?