5 Things to Avoid for Black Friday Shopping

black fridayBlack Friday is upon us, the kick off of the holiday buying season. For shoppers time for the deals, for retail store employees the deep breath to deal with some crabby, rude shoppers. I know as I worked in a men’s clothing store for 15 years part time for high school, college and well … then some.  As a shopper the experience is all about getting what you want at the price you are willing to pay whereas for the retailer the experience is all about taking a deep breath and smiling through it all.  As a marketer there is so much to be learned when watching consumer behavior on Black Friday as being online watching what people post about their purchases or being on line in a store allows us to engage in conversation.

5 Things to Avoid for Black Friday Shopping

1. Kids. I have one and the last place he would be is shopping on Black Friday. The focus is on the purchase, the lines are long and it is boring for a kid. I love my kid too much but others in line do not and his whining to wanting to go home is cute to me but not to anyone else.

2. Lack of Eating.  Blood sugar lowers, crabbiness sets in.  It is not the store employees fault that you have not eaten nor the 50 people in front of you. While the other folks standing in line like to have you there to support the craziness and the store employees appreciate your purchase, they do not appreciate the complaining, huffing, puffing and negativeness.

3. Dumping Bags in the Car. You have a lot of bags that you do not want to carry around but putting them in the car and walking away is asking a thief to steal. MOVE THE CAR … or go home for a while and eat.

4. High Heeled Shoes. These shoes are made are walking, pushing or shoving. Comfortable shoes are good foot therapy and when walking with heavy bags or standing still for long periods of time the shoes make the difference.

5. Impulse Buying.  Stick to the list. Know what you are there for, know where it is – plan your shopping and shop your plan.

These tips will not only get you through the buying experience but also will teach you as a marketer how consumers react to a deal, lines and to the retailer.  The conversations that are had when people are standing in line – the social experience of interacting by sharing experiences and “the places” to go for “that purchase.”

So did you venture out or stay at home and shop online? Did you even shop at all?

photo credit: besighyawn