5 Tips for New Bloggers

5 tips for new bloggersCongratulations, you have taken the plunge and started a blog!  You’ve read the statistics on how many blogs are started and abandoned however you are are determined to stick with it.  But … you are new. Oh the new kid. New is not bad when it comes to blogging. Everyone was new at some point.

5 Tips for New Bloggers

1. Select Platform & Learn It. Research the platforms available and make sure it fits your needs, one that you can work easily with and make it your own.  This is your space, use it wisely. Play around with it prior to posting. Imagine you create a great article and go to post and poof – the article disappears.

2. Identify Theme/Topic & Audience.  What is your blog about? Is there enough interest in this topic or is the blogosphere over-saturated?  Answer how are you different than everyone else and why should readers read and recommend this blog to friends.

3. Create Schedule & Stick to It.  This is something that you hear over and over but yet many still do not adhere.  As a new blogger, you are trying to gain momentum, you are asking people to come over and read your posts.  Be consistent.  You are new, people easily forget someone that barely made a splash in their cannonball into the pool.

4. Read other Blogs & Comment.  Reading other industry as well as blogs that interest you not only help you become a better blogger by analyzing writing styles and what works in your set industry, you introduce yourself  to the community but also this helps for you to become a better commenter on blogs. Read the other comments and if there is a comment you feel strongly about, reply to that one and not always to the author of the blog.

5. Comment on Comments.  Comment on the comments to your blog.  This is so important and can never be stressed enough.  If someone comments a few times, send them an email thanking them.  Only about 5% of all the readers to blogs comment.  When you do receive comments, embrace them and start a conversation.

Just remember all bloggers were new and it may take a while to get noticed. Every successful blogger will tell you that blogging is not easy and gaining a loyal readership takes a long time.  This is not to discourage but to encourage to go full steam ahead and enter the blogosphere with a plan and realistic goals.

New to blogging or an old pro?  Share your tips for new bloggers.

Photo credit cambodia4kidsorg.