5 Ways to Increase Traffic with Social Bookmarks

bookmarksSocial bookmarking sites allow users to save the article for later by creating tags that can be displayed publicly or privately and also giving a thumbs up to an article that they like and want others to see.  This voting is a pat on the back to the writer but also with enough votes, the article can be front and center. A front page showcasing certainly drives traffic, however this may be shortlived.

The bookmarking sites are practically their own community.  There are some very popular users that can make your article be on page one. These users are doing the work for you so you may find articles worth reading but also increasing the traffic for the articles.  The popular bookmarking sites, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit are flooded with new articles each day for all types of topics. The chances of getting on page 1 are slim however it can happen.

5 Ways to Increase Traffic with Social Bookmarks

1. Create Unique & Enticing Titles & Descriptions.  The more unique and enticing, the more people will want to read it.

2. Be An Active User.  Don’t make the mistake of just promoting your own articles. Take the time to find articles that you like and vote for them.  Even take a minute to comment on the article.

3. Make Friends.  The social bookmarking sites as mentioned above are their own community.  Time and time again we see the same people Digging, Stumbling and Sphinning, etc articles.  Start slow but keep an active presence.

4. Digg/Stumble/Sphinn/Reddit Several Stories.  Give props to the stories that you like. Voting for 1 article every so often does not make you an active user. Show the writer that you appreciate what they have written.

5. Create One Account.  Having multiple alias accounts to attempt to trick the sites that you are a different person who just happens to like all the same articles is a red flag, a spammer of sorts.  This goes to credibility.

Social bookmarking sites do not differ much from microblogging sites or networking sites.  In Twitter, we see an article we like, we retweet, on FB we share the article by posting to our site. So why not take a minute and give props to articles that you find value in or have learned from.  In time by being active and making friends, you just might get that front page for your article. Social bookmarking sites can also generate a lot of links to the site which increases your page rank.

Enjoy reading this blog?  Let me know your thoughts by commenting or a thumbs up on the social bookmarking sites.

photo credit: hitesh 1987241