6 Tips for Using Enhanced and New Facebook Features

facebookFacebook has had a busy few weeks with the launching the enhanced and new features and of course the new home page. I am a Facebook Lite user so the new home page does not affect me too much as my friends activity on Mafia Wars, FarmVille and Sorority Wars have taken over my main page.

Facebook has become a very strong tool in social media marketing with the popularity of Fan Pages and the amount of time people are spending on Facebook keeps increasing.  They have been busy making changes to current features and creating some new ones. In researching and learning the new features I came across some of the ones that had been enhanced and decided to put them together in one post.

6 Tips for Using Enhanced and New Facebook Features

1. Share Feature. The share feature has been update to include a counter so we can see how times a story, video or photos are shared.

2. New Types of Suggestions. You may have noticed on the right side that if a “friend” is new to Facebook they pop up asking you to suggest friends to them and those that need some wall posts. Another feature is the memorialized page for those that have passed on.  Once you contact FB that someone has passed, their profile is set to only confirmed friends to leave memories. The updates of the deceased are removed and the profile is removed from suggestions.

3. News Feed/Live Feed. When you log in, your page will reflect the feeds that have been selected as the most interesting.  At the top of your profile is the Live Feed which when clicked will give you up to date feeds from your friends.

4. Activity Updates Returned.  The photo tags, notifications of pages fanned, new friends, groups joined and RSVP for event   have been returned. We also are able to the comments posted by friends of friends. Know who your friends are friends with!

5. GiftShop Redesigned. Now you can purchase songs, send virtual sports mascots and jerseys in addition to the already available charity gifts, eCards and other virtual gifts. You must purchase credits to be able to purchase the gifts. Music gifts are only available in the U.S. for now and are 1 credit for web songs and fully downloadable MP3’s are 9 credits. Credits sell for $.10 (U.S. currency).

6. Group Pages Redesigned.  Groups will now have a stronger presence.  The addition of group page walls and a publisher allowing you to share content.  Group pages will look similar to Fan pages but are for member collaboration where Fan pages are for sharing information about your business.

These are the latest changes and how to use them.  The comments has to have the biggest impact as if I comment on a friends comment I see all the other comments that their friends have written. While this seems harmless, can we all trust who our friends are friends with?

How have the these changes impacted the way you use Facebook?

photo credit: Lars K. Jensen