7 Tips for an Uncluttered Linkedin Profile



The following a guest post by George Baker from the UK! If you want to be a guest blogger here at Kherize5, simply drop me a line with a topic!

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LinkedIn is an important place to maintain a professional presence that will help you find jobs, clients and other people and businesses that can be an asset to your own professional life. Although there are a lot of people telling you what to do or not to do with you on the professional social networking platform, your profile can easily become cluttered if you apply every suggestion you learn. Use the following 7 tips for an uncluttered LinkedIn profile to keep your LinkedIn presence looking professional.

1. Keep It Real

Post a photo of yourself, not a company logo or a pet. Fake LinkedIn profiles everywhere, so you want to make sure you post a photo. Posing a photo of your pet or of your company logo gives your profile a cluttered, unprofessional look and does little to assure your network that you are a real person.

2. Simplify Your Headline

The space below your name is your professional profile and is information that will turn up in search results. Make sure that it is relevant to you and your brand, rather than a miscellaneous compilation of facts and comments that are neither professional nor related to your work.

3. Proofread Your Material

Read over everything you have posted to your profile and edit it for accuracy, and relevance. Eliminate wordiness, made-up words and misspelled words. Check your grammar and make sure that you are proud of what your profile says and how it reads.

4. Use Your Personalized Profile URL

Default profiles have very long URL addresses that are hard to remember or recognize. By customizing your URL, you give clients and employers an easily recognizable way to find you again if they need you. When you create your custom URL, make sure that you use your name or the name of your brand in the address.

5. Limit Your Connections

You might be tempted to accumulate connections on LinkedIn the same way you try to get as many Facebook friends as possible. Doing this needlessly clutters your profile and makes your connections less relevant because it’s hard to find the ones with whom you personally know and interact.

6. Update Your Status Wisely

LinkedIn represents your personal brand, so you don’t want to put information that will diminish your value there. For example, saying that you are in jail or unemployed will take away from your value, so use your status update for positive and concisely worded descriptions of your endeavors.

7. Limit The Invitations You Accept

You may not want to help another user get banned by clicking an “I don’t know this person” link, but you can archive invitation requests to clear them off your screen. Too many items on your profile can get confusing for you and your visitors, so you want to make sure that only the things that contribute to your life and business are accepted.

LinkedIn is a great place to connect to others in your profession and business. It’s a great resource for finding clients and employers as well. By following these 7 tips for an uncluttered LinkedIn profile, you will be able to get even more out of this great business site.

George Baker has a vast knowledge of vacuum bags as he works with a Bosch vacuum bags for a living.

  • Always be yourself because this is what’s going to get people to navigate to you..keep it real my friend.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off” 

  • Anonymous

    How do you feel about self-promotion such as completed real estate transactions / press releases? Post as updates or no?

    • Great question. Who is writing the press release and where is it being featured. If it is picked up by someone then sure retweet it. If the focus is on the transaction itself and not the agent and it provides value to the community then of course however if it is just about the agent and a new sale for the agent to promote them exclusively then I would be careful with that. On one thought agents that sell many houses is attractive to someone wanting to sell their home however will anyone be following and seeing it if it is all self promotional.

      Love this question.

  • M_e_chap

    #5 and 7 seem counter-intuitive to networking… 

    • I am an open networker so I agree with you. As this is a guest post, I was not able to reflect my views except here in the comments. I have almost 1000 connections however I am not always speaking to them so maybe there is a happy medium here. 

  • Great points. The key is staying focus on your goals whilst remaining true to self. It’s very easy to become distracted by the endless available information. I wasn’t aware that I could archive my invitation as a way to remove clutter. I’ll have to look into that feature. Thanks!