7 Tips for Building a Strong Brand Identity

strong brand identityCreating a strong brand identity that emotionally connects with consumers, is recognizable and fills a need with consumers is what sets brands apart. Marketing to your target market though the development of the persona of who your buyer gains awareness but does not build a strong brand identity. Marketing and advertising support your brand identity though the various mediums and engaging with customers though social media marketing as well as face to face interactions. There is a wealth of information learned by interacting with customers that will continue to support the brand identity once you have established trust with the consumers.

7 Tips for Building a Strong Brand Identity

1. Visual Presentation. On-line, offline, business cards, brochures, etc. how are you presenting your brand to your customers? Professionally designed and printed or in word and photocopied? Your materials affect the way that customers view your brand and equate to perceived value.

2. Benefits.  What are the benefits of becoming a customer? How will you brand enhance their lives?  Focus on how the features of owning the product or service will positively impact your customers lives.

3. Quality. How well a product is made and performs whether good or bad is reflected in customer satisfaction.

4. Availability.  The method of distribution affects consumer purchasing power. Is this only available in stores, only available online, limited time offering?

5. Price. Does the cost = the quality and perceived value? Too low and people are thinking the quality is poor, too high and they will find ways to not need.

6. Presence. Do your customers have to find you or are you finding them? Do you homework prior to advertising to find out who you customer is and where they are. Remember advertising regularly lets customers know that it is business as usual.

7.  Commitment. What is your commitment to the brand and the customers?  What is your reputation? How are you viewed by customers as well as the industry?

Building a strong brand identity is about knowing who you are, where you fit in and what you stand to differentiate you from competitors. Your customers will be loyal to you so long as you are loyal to them.

How have you built a strong brand identity?

photo credit: Intersection Consulting