7 Tips for Creating Landing Pages

The landing page, the last impression a consumer will have before filling in their information and becoming a lead or a customer. Landing pages are created to support an ad or an email and are the last impression a consumer will have before becoming a lead or customer. The landing page is an extension of your marketing materials but are not another page for your website or another ad entirely. A landing page that is not direct and asks too much or poorly laid out is clicked off and the lead is gone.  Each email or ad needs to have its own landing page not only for tracking but for consistency in the message.

7 Tips  for Creating Landing Pages

1. Clean and Logical Design. Incorporating the elements from the marketing materials lets the user know that they are not clicking on another company page.  The layout needs to be clean with whitespace and a natural flow of content. Keeping all relevant content above the fold is important.

2. Consistent Headlines. The landing page is an extension of the ad or email and keeping the headline consistent with copy from the ad or email

3. Single Message/Offer. Entice them with ONE offer and then at the end add extra benefits. “But Wait …”

4. Straight & to the Point. You want them to sign up or purchase something. Be clear about it.  Sign up today to receive X.  They are interested enough to click and read so fluff copy will increase click off rates.

5. Short Paragraphs & Bullets. You have captured them enough to go to the landing page and flooding them with long text is asking them not to read.

6. Clear Call to Action. Being straight and to the point in the message as well as the closing on what you want them to do will get them motivated to sign up.

7. Be Innovative. Add a video to personalize and give them a feel for your passion.  Let them get to feel like they know you. Increases trust and propensity to sign up.

Landing pages are that powerful punch to create the urgency and the need to provide their information for a value added or a problem solving reward.

What has worked for you? Anything overlooked?

photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg