7 Tips for Getting More Blog Comments

blog comments Blog comments start a conversation and are a forum for people to share their thoughts on your post. What happens when there are no comments?  Do people like being the first to comment?  Think of your own behavior – do you comment frequently on other blogs? How many different blogs do you read and comment on?

Bloggers encourage blog comments to start conversations and interact with readers.  A new or newer blog is trying to get new readers, especially readers who comment which is always a challenge.

7 Tips for Getting More Blog Comments

1. Simply Ask.  Ask people to add to your post or give their opinion.

2. Ask Questions.  Put in a question at the end of the post so readers will throw in their $.02!

3. Comment on Comments. I have said this before but be sure to answer as many comments as you can on all forums. Interact with your readers.

4. Reward Commenting. Create a game or a contest around blog comments.

5. Write Opinion Posts.  Not controversial unless that is the style of the blog.  Shake it up a bit and see what people have to say.

6. Write Great Posts.  If the post provides value and his helpful, people will share and expose to more readers who may comment.

7. Comment on Blogs of Your Commenters.  If they have a great post and you can add value to theirs then comment. This not only helps to increase your awareness in your industry it starts more conversations.

Many people are reading millions of blogs each day that have great content that is being shared over and over again. The opportunity for comments is higher with each person reading.  New or newer blogs need to do a little more to reach readers and entice them to comment. Identifying what your readers like and expect from your blog will bring in more comments so long as you leave it open for conversation.

What have you done to get more comments?  Do you comment on blogs if not why?  Talk to me!

photo credit: Search Engine People Blog