7 Ways to Improve Local Rankings with Flickr

flickr, search engine rankingsFlickr, the photo sharing site that has grown from uploading photos to share with friends and family to the ability to tag photos and now has unveiled The App Garden. Scott Gilbertson’s article Discover Cool Photo Apps With Flickr’s New ‘App Garden’ clearly and precisely discusses the App Garden and it is functionality. With these changes comes opportunity to improve your local rankings by simply posting photos and tagging them.

7 Ways to Improve Local Rankings with Flickr

1. Complete Profile. Another profile to complete. Take the time to add geographic information as well as your website.

2. Upload Photos. Upload photos of your business, products, books, ebooks, charts, graphs, etc. There is a minimum of 5 that must be uploaded before they are searchable on Flickr.

3. Tags. Tag your photos with geographical locations, industry terms, searched descriptive keywords. Identify search terms and use them in your tags to make your photos easier to find.

4. Machine Tags.  Attending an event? Check out upcoming.org to find the event tag and tag your photo with the machine tag and it will be searched by the event. Create your own machine tag. namespace:predicate=value.

5. Titles. Title your photo the say way you would title a website page with keywords that are relevant and descriptive to the image that include geographic locations.

6. Descriptions.  Describe your photo with keeping in mind search terms, location, company name and anything that would peak interest and be searched.

7. Sharing. Share your photos on other social sites to get exposure and a link.

There are also Flickr groups that increase exposure to your photos and get you involved with another community.

How have you used Flickr? Most use Flickr for blog and website photos but it is worth checking out and uploading photos.

photo credit: poolie