8 Goals of Social Media

social media goalsSocial media, unlike traditional marketing efforts of print, radio and TV, is a two-way communication and interaction with numerous people.  It is like being at 5 cocktail parties at once as you are able to speak to your target market directly by listening to them and solving their problem.

When developing and implementing a social media strategy, it is important to identify your goals. While these may not apply to everyone, we  have identified 8 goals of social media:

1. Building Relationships

2. Enhancing Customer Service

3. Generating Leads

4. Communicating Internally

5. Promoting Events

6. Fundraising

7. Advocating Issues

8. Public Relations

Creating and implementing a social media strategy is goal driven and all about creating good content frequently that is relevant and value driven, connects with  your target market and then engages  them to seek more information. Think of it this way: SLLRE – Stop, Look, Listen, Respond and Engage.  Breaking into social media at times feels like being the new kid in a new town. What should I say, how do I interact?

Have additional goals?  Have you met your goals?  Share your thoughts and ideas.

Photo credit Dan Meyers