8 Helpful Hints to Create A Brochure

corporate brochureCreate a brochure? In tough economic times and marketing budgets shrinking creating a corporate brochure is not on the the top of the list.  As advertising is shifting from traditional media placement in print,TV and radio to social media marketing it is still important to have powerful marketing materials on hand to promote your business. Social media cannot replace traditional/outbound marketing efforts, it supports them. Social media is measured in true dollars as traditional efforts are, it is measured in time.

As the 4th Quarter and the holidays approach the big push is on being top of mind with a product/service that adds value to convert into sales.  Over the next few months, consumers will be inundated with sales circulars from the major retailers for sales leading up to Black Friday. Creating a brochure for your business that can be handed out, direct mailed out, on your website and promoted through social media channels is creates awareness and can drive sales.  How do you create a brochure?

1. Identify Target.  Determine who you will be speaking to and why. Why should they buy your product?

2. Research Styles.  Bi-fold, tri-fold, gate fold, square -there are many different types of brochures to pick from.  The key is to have consumers to interact with the brochure and refer back to it.

3. Attention Grabbing Headlines.  Communicate what you want customers to know in a headline that captures and relates to your offering.

4. Single Targeted Message. Trying to say too much will be confusing.  In the instances when you are trying to promote multiple products, the message shifts from the product to the overall value and commitment of the company through the offerings.

5. Great Content. The content needs to be brief but compelling. The design can be fantastic however if the content is poor, it defeats the purpose of having the brochure.

6. Well Designed. A brochure that is thrown together or poorly laid out will turn away potential consumers as for many this is the first impression of your company. The more aesthetically pleasing your brochure the more value is placed on your overall brand. Seeking the help of a graphic design agency will be well worth the investment.

7. Relevant Photos/Visuals. Photos tell a story and allow for an emotional connection for the consumer to relate to the product/service and have to have it. They also support the content by allowing for less content.

8. Call to Action. Ask them to do something.  Push them to the website, call for special promotion code for discounts, something to further engage them and to turn them into customers.

business brochure that is well designed and highlights the benefits of your offerings will give your business that competitive edge as consumers search for the best value for their dollar.

Ready to get started on your corporate brochure? Let us know how we can help create a brochure to maximize sales.

photo credit Brent and MariLynn