9 Proven Headline Styles that Get Read

proven headlinesHeadlines the first impression of an article that has to speak to your target to get them to want to read/skim the article. Headlines for ads differ from headlines for a blog and headlines on your blog to readers does not always yield 5000 tweets or diggs.  It is about knowing your audience and reaching something within them that has them reach over to the enter button to read on. What is that something? Naturally that something is different for everyone but there are some similar traits that are present that make us read.

9 Proven Headline Styles that Get Read

1. Questions. The only way to get the answer to the question is to read the article so long as they want the answer.

2. Enumerate.  Lists perform so well as they are skimmable and generally straight and to the point. This includes the How to, Ways, Tips, Reasons.

3. Emotion.  Issues that affect real life – “Do you suffer from …” Emotions can be a part of each of these styles in a certain way however this is targeting something real to a specific group.

4. Benefits. Communicate a solution. “Get Healthy by Losing 20lbs in 30 days.”

5. Command. Telling them what you want them to do. “Learn how to double your blog traffic in 3 months.”

6. Visual Image. The reader draws a picture in their head that compels them to have to read more to see how their picture meets that of the author or how it ends.

7. 3 Words. The 3 word headline whether it form a sentence or be three independent words that come together to form meaning.

8. News. Direct news on new releases, updates, shockers, hot topics or an announcement. “Announcing a Breakthrough in Cellulite.”

9. Testimonials. Testimonials that seem legit and not forced or that cannot be proven. I am not always the biggest fan of these as once I see a testimonial and I am immediately turned off to the article.

Headlines are again the first impression and despite loyal readers being more apt to open they may not necessarily stay or share the article. The headline gets them to open but the content has to support the headline and stay on topic to keep them there and get them to comment, share, link and return.

So, how did I do? What made you read?

photo credit: Alex Barth