9 Tips for Creating Great Taglines

creating taglinesTaglines – do you need them and if so when do you use them? When naming your business taglines can help to capture the audience by communicating the brand message or a catchy phrase that is remembered.  Avis, “We Try Harder.”  Another area slogans and taglines are incorporated is when launching a new product or product line to be a part of the campaign.  Diet Mountain Dew – “We’re On Your Wavelength.” Taglines are also widely used in movies. Jaws “Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Back Into The Waters.”

Taglines are phrases that communicate the brand message that emotionally connects with your target market. In many instances they become a part the graphic standards by appearing beside or underneath the logo.  As a extension of the brand, advertising slogans/taglines need to say something essential about who you are, how you’re different and why people should care.

9 Tips for Creating Taglines:

1. Short. Straight and to the point. “Got Milk”

2. Memorable. A catchy phrase that is easy to say and easy to remember. Campbells “M’m M’m Good”

3. Highlights a Key Benefit.  Describe the purpose. BMW “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

4. Compelling. Not cutesy and not overly clever.  Hallmark “When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best.”
5. Inspires. Sets the stage for consumer to react.  Nike “Just Do It.”

6. A Call to Action. Asking customers to do something is not what necessarily comes to mind when creating a tagline but can work if done properly.  American Express “Don’t Leave Home Without It.”

7. Promotes Core Value. Tells the consumer what to expect from you.  Allstate “You’re In Good Hands.”

8. Industry Specific. These can be differentiators or something that is easily identified and connected to your product. DeBeers “A Diamond is Forever.”

9. Avoids Overused Terms. Be original. A great slogan for someone else is just that and will remind the consumer of that brand.  “Got XXX”

Just like with naming a business the tagline needs to reflect the tone and personality as well as what response are you expecting from the consumer, how should they think and feel when they see it or hear it?

What are your favorite taglines or advertising slogans?  Still not sure if you need one or need some help creating one.  Let us know and we can provide some more ideas.

photo credit: hoyasmeg