9 Tips for Promoting Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook has emerged as the leader in the networking forums and continues to grow. fan pages are another way to have your target reach out to you and opt-in.  However they have to find you first. Just like with microblogs like Twitter and FriendFeed, fan pages are not for everyone. They have to be designed and maintained with fresh relevant content or users will see no value. The same social norms apply where you have to build relationships and get to know people before you start to sell them. Fan pages afford more space to interact with “fans” and gain valuable insight into what they expect from your company and brands as well as sharing their experiences.

Fan pages are not a 7-11 – build it and they will come.  Fans have to gain value and prior to becoming a fan, answer WIIFM.  What are the benefits of becoming a fan.  Answering these questions assists with the promotion of the page and also increases fan interaction and engagement.

9 Tips for Promoting Your Facebook Fan Page

1. Promote on personal page.  You have to have a personal page so invite friends and family to be fans.

2. Create Contests/Drawings.  Post “fan” only videos, gifts, discounts.

3. Create Scavenger Hunt. This is a great way to have fans look at your page and items posted on the page to have them learn more about the company while playing a game.

4. Email Campaign. Create an email campaign to promote the Fan Page.  Highlight the perks associated with being a fan.

5. Email Signature.  Add an invite to become a fan to your email signature.  This lets people you know aware of the page and allows them to check it out and opt-in.

6. Post Specials. Industry specific specials (ie lunch specials, seasonal specials, etc) that are exclusive to the fan page.

7. Events/Appearances.  People like to feel like they know the person behind the brand. Let them know how they can meet and interact with you.

8. Post on Microblogs & Networking Sites.  Talk about the page on other sites.  Not Become a Fan but about specials, events/appearances with a link to the fan page.

9. Facebook Ads.  These are paid and many tend to not like the ads that pop up on the right side. However with the introduction of the engagement ads, this may change. Engagement ads allow you to offer free samples of your product. A new window opens up for the user to send their address and also decide whether their friends can see that they requested a sample.

A Facebook fan page is another way to gain awareness about your product/service.  This is not a forum for a direct sales pitch.  Social networking is not a replacement for the cold call but rather a virtual community where you get to know one another and share thoughts, ideas, information and common interests.

Share your Facebook fan pages here! Give us a chance to see your page and become fans.

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photo credit: benstein