9 Ways to Get People to Talk About You

people talk about you Getting people to talk about you when you have a great blog post or are standing in front of them is easy however having them continue to talk about you and create the buzz is what will get you noticed and build your network. The notion of being here, there and everywhere is not giving you an opportunity to leave enough of an impression to keep the conversation going.  Identify where you fit in best and grow from there.

9 Ways to Get People to Talk About You

1. Be Memorable.  A certain personality trait, a personal branded color that you wear, a twitter or blog name that resonates with people.  We interact with so many people or so many things/thoughts each day that standing out or them having an unaided recall gets them to talk to you first and then to others about you.

2. Be Attentive. Ask questions or a point of view.  Ask something you are interested in to gain knowledge and listen carefully. Do your research to be able to contribute to the conversation.

3. Know When to Stay or Go. This applies to face to face and on social media sites.  You have their ear but can easily lose it by staying too long or leaving too soon. Take the hint as no-one wants to feel obligated or on the other hand pushed to the side.

4. Be Patient. Building relationships takes time.  A level of trust has to be established. Give them time to go and check you out so they can see where you fit into their lives.

5. Be Helpful. When we are doing something we love, it is easy to lend a hand.  Helping someone is not a pat on the back for you, it is the impression you make on them by solving a problem or making their life easier.  When someone performs a random act of kindness or a distasteful act, we talk and oh do we.

6. Back it Up.  Be who you say you are.  If you are talking about what you do or what you blog is about be sure that it is just that. Trust that people will go and look at it and if it is not what you say it is, people will notice and the conversation will end there.

7. Be Humble and Grateful. Always! A great post today maybe shared or an introduction made but tomorrow you can be yesterdays news. No-one likes the bragger, loud mouth or know it all.  The biggest and best are always appreciative.

8. Send a Personal Note.  This goes a long way. Getting a personal email or a note or a postcard makes you stand out. The “Oh I remember them” or Wow, they took the time is memorable and opens the door of communication.

9. Be Yourself. This goes without saying. Trying to be someone that you are not is a one way ticket to being ignored. Not everyone is going to like you, accept it.  If I tried to be the person who was not super excited with a new idea or something I am passionate about then I am being fake. That is me.

Social media has opened so many doors of communication. We are able to talk with people from all over the world. Sitting in Las Vegas I can talk with people in New Jersey, Boston, California, New Orleans, Australia, Italy and every where.  Integrating face to face interaction with social media provides the opportunity to make that impression to get people to talk.  When we like or at times dislike something we talk and talk. Relationships are strengthened when we have that face to face meeting. Overnight success is rare. Be that door-to-door salesman and build relationships. Get to know people and share experiences. Take advantage of opportunities to meet face to face.  Take a drive or a train ride. The more you interact, the more people will notice and then start talking about you.

What have you done to get people to talk about you?