Adding Some “Meet” to Your Brand

adding some meet to your brand

Your brand both personal and business needs reason for people to think about it, visit and buy. Tall order to constantly be in the mind of a consumer. Sure, there are routines where people go to the same place every day do get the coffee or my vice a 44 oz of Diet Pepsi but are they paying any attention to the other items or in the case of blogs articles that you have readily available? I know myself I have that tunnel vision where I am there to buy 1 item and unless the folks at my 7-11 literally placed another item in my hand I would not even consider buying it. There are other stores where we peruse the aisles and we grab things not on our list but for the most part we go in with a mission. Buy this, this and this and move on.  Sound familiar? Blog bounce rates are just that. They click, they read and they go unless they are enticed for more.

Meeting Your Brand

Meeting your brand is about giving reason and opportunity for them to come over and then introduce themselves. Why is Facebook Like so popular? Users find you and then let people know that they did.  But why and how? The push for them to come over to meet your brand as you have given them an opportunity to be a part of it. Current customers want to feel connected, privy but also showcase that they already have an edge by being a current customer.  New and even potential customers want to be a part of what IS and be a part of the pop culture trendsetting era that we live in. The Old Spice Campaign was hugely popular as they made us meet them all over again. A handsome man with a commanding and confident voice that spoke to US consumed us as what was he going to do next? They created opportunity for us to want to have our own Old Spice Man video.

Creating Opportunity for Your Brand

Opportunity is created within. We can make people want to show that they are a part of it. Why? Popularity and connection. If Domino’s came out and said that the winner of their pizza photo contest got a free pizza once week for a year would more people be ordering and photographing their pizza? Oh yeah, but what if they added that users could comment upon, vote and come on to a TV show that they created that was also judged by a panel of celebrities? Now, they have a contest that created opportunity for people to meet them, their new pizza recipe and be a part of something big and famous. It is about creating opportunity but also knowing what is popular by going to what people know. A bit similar to go where the people are, the audience, in social media.

When Opportunity is Created for Your Brand

There are times, albeit, not many, where opportunity is created for your brand. Take the 2014 Superbowl in New Jersey at the Meadowlands.  Baby, it is cold in New Jersey in February, but people will flock by the hundreds of thousands. The local businesses in East Rutherford, Moonachie, Wallington, Teterboro, etc. and New York City have been given a gift. Teterboro, for the small airport that will accommodate the private planes, the businesses in the towns in the immediate area who can create an experience for the visitors through the proximity to the stadium and the events put on by the NFL and its sponsors. The New York hotels who are trying to lure visitors to their establishment by a greeting each guest at Teterboro or at  Newark International Airport and shuttling them over to NYC for the NY experience and of course the Roger Smith Hotel bacon, and then back to NJ easily. Opportunity for them was created for them which is always nice but at the same time puts the pressure to be far beyond any competitor.

Opportunity is the Golden Ticket

In marketing, there is no real golden ticket unless you create opportunity. Opportunity to seek out, visit, opportunity to engage, opportunity to buy. A brand is only as good as people say it is and when we create opportunity for them to say it is, we have that golden ticket.  Why were people camping out for the new iPhone? The older version which people also camped out on delivered. They created the hype and set the time and place to buy. Opportunity and also being a part of the early adopters as the people around you shared the same sentiment and you connected and then were able to identify themselves as the “I was there” (with a gazillion others) for which they posted to every social media platform they could.  Opportunity is powerful.

We can create our own opportunity to have people come and meet our brand. The opportunity of today is real as tomorrow may never come. Creating your own opportunity is what Old Spice did as they made us talk and talk and then want for more. That is the golden ticket.

How are you getting people to meet your brand? Even current customers need a meet and greet as they can be that brand ambassador.

photo credit: linh.ngân

  • Suzanne,

    I think as the community has become more empowered to be the way people are connected to brands. A “Like” or “Retweet” to their community is a sign of positive affiliation to the brand. If a customer doesn't complete this transaction then any marketing efforts on Facebook, blogs or Twitter is simply wasted.

    It's also about bringing the human side to all communications. Zappos do a fantastic job with this, they enable over 400 employee to have an active Twitter account, they act as the brand ambassadors and give a positive impression of the culture of Zappos.

    Who else do you see doing this at the moment…..

  • Josh

    We did see @comcastcares with Frank but well he is moving on. He will do great things wherever he is. Zappos' story is one that will be talked about forever. A company out of Henderson NV (outskirts of the city of las vegas) that sold shoes online. Yes we all need shoes but they took it to the next level. They were the no hassle we are here for you no matter what company. They took corporate education and empowering of employees to a new level.

    Josh, we are in times where people being at a job 10, 20 or 30 years do not exist. They wanted their employees to feel a part of the business and a part of its success. They succeeded. While they are such a role model, you are so right – who is doing that now? crickets

  • David Swart

    One way bloggers get people to meet my brand is with the links back to my photo page when they use my creative commons photos. Even when they steal the copyright ones, the thieves usually help out with a link back to my flickr page. –dmswart

    • David

      Excellent point. It is so very easy to give a photo credit and take a minute to see which ones are free to use.

      Thanks for droppin in and sharing.

      • David Swart

        So I’m wondering why you did neither.

        • David

          there has been and always is a photo credit on every single blog that I write that I use a photo. I do not always link however there is a always a photo credit -as there is on this one that is for your photo. I get all my photos from flicker- creativecommons; attribution licensed. Is there an error made with this photo? If I was incorrect in using this photo, then please let me know and I will be sure to change it.

          • David Swart

            Was I being too subtle?

   has always been “all rights reserved”.
            I usually let it go if there’s a link back, or a request for permission.

          • My apologies for my error.

            Were you being too subtle? Actually I believe you could have reached out to me and indicated that I must have overlooked or that an error was made and it would have been rectified when this either went up in July or when you found it which I presume was last week as opposed to calling me a thief.

            I made an error and I apologize for that. I have changed the photo and will be sure to never have that happen with any of your photos again – should that be for the blog or any photos that could have been used for client work. I can see where one may think that this was an intentional act as I would expect that it may happen frequently however, as an agency owner, I understand the importance of giving proper credit when we are using free photos or when they are to be paid.

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