American Express Open Launches Search Manager

american express open searchmanagerAmerican Express Open® the small business division of American Express® has launched SearchManager, a paid search management tool powered by Clickable. The number of small business owners engaging in paid search, according to American Express’ reasearch via Rob Ciccone, SVP at American Express Open is a startling 29%. American Express OPEN® and Clickable  hope to change that with SearchManger.

American Express OPEN® SearchManager

SearchManager focuses on the small business owner and their needs as it relates to paid search. Paid search has been overshadowed by the organic results through search engine optimization and social media marketing initiatives as well as the time involved with a paid search for a beginner. Identifying keywords, bidding, creating and managing an online campaign across all the search engines can be intimidating. SearchManager promises to help small business owners run and manage effective campaigns to increase customer base and drive sales.

SearchManager Features

  • Single-point access to ad networks (Google, Bing, Yahoo and social media platform giant, Facebook)
  • Management of all online campaigns directly from SearchManager dashboard.
  • Automated Keyword Bids 
  • Cross Network Reports
  • Editing campaigns in bulk

SearchManager Benefits

  • SearchManager Pro. A self managed platform for small business owners who are actively engaging in paid search and want to consolidate and centralize their campaigns.
  • SearchManager Assist. SearchManager Assist assigns a PPC consultant to manage the campaign but with all the access benefits of SearchManager Pro. The tracking adn reporting is consolidated into one place for easy viewing and result monitoring.
  • Customer Service. SearchManager has reprsenatives available via telephone, live chat as well as in-person assistance.
  • Dashboard Metrics. The dashboard provides a one-stop viewing point for analyzing the results of the campaigns, keyword suggestions as well as advice on how to improve.

As a small business marketing and advertising agency it is important for small business owners to have a full perspective of the available mediums to generate new leads, attract new customers and increase sales.  PPC is not for every small business but if you were thinking about it, this is definitely worth looking into.

photo credit: maxkalehhoff