An Evening with Chris Brogan: Pattern Breaking & Pattern Recognition

chris broganThis evening I had the pleasure of attending an event at Chapman University in California with Chris Brogan.  He is very personable and quite engaging when he speaks.  This was his 8th appearance of the day and he spoke as if it was his first.  He was there promoting his book however instead of talking about the book directly and trying to sell us the book, he spoke about pattern breaking and pattern recognition.

Social media is connecting with other people to move people to do something.  We like to be known and social media has opened the door to be known by so many people by clustering around people who matter.

We use the web to trust people, people we many times know anonymously.  We build relationships with people to connect before we need them. In meeting new people the 5 basics apply: Listen, Ask, Reciprocate, Comment and Comment Back. Readers of his blog at know that he is the most frequent commenter on his blog. Why?  He has many, many readers will still read if he comments or not.  He engages people to build relationships, provoke thought and answer questions that we may have.  He chooses to do this, he chooses to reach out individually to people who come to his lectures and book signings. We trust him.

In skimming his book I am eager to read the entire book to gain insight into why we trust him and how to be trusted.  The book opens with the stories of Donnie Brasco/Joe Pistone from my “neighborhood” of New Jersey and Stanley Kubrick and goes into how the new radios are being invented to elicit trust through the web.

Each chapter of the book will focus on one of the overachieving but interrelated behaviors of what a trust agent is.

6 Characteristics of Trust Agents

1. Make Your Own Game

2. One of Us

3. The Archimedes Effect

4. Agent Zero

5. Human Artist

6. Build an Army

Intrigued on how these are interrelated?  Me too.  If you do not have a copy yet, I recommend getting a copy as so far this is a really good book.

After his lecture, he took the time to sign books.  He sat and spoke to each one of us individually to find out about us. He asked what we did and answered questions everyone had.  His dedication is inspiring as after 8 appearances he still outside for 1.5 hours to talk more and sign books.  If he comes to an area near you, take the time to go and see him – it is worth it.

Read the book?  Share your thoughts about the book and how you have become a trust agent.

photo credit: affiliatesummit