Are You Attractive?



Are You AttractiveThis is a question that makes us a bit uncomfortable sometimes. We do not know what to say as if we say yes, we could be perceived as conceited, cocky or arrogant. It is interesting as when we think about being attractive, we immediately think of the physical features. While this is not a question that we get asked all that frequently, it is a question we need to ask ourselves frequently.

Are You Attractive?

A brand needs to be appealing or we will not buy it. We all have a personal brand so we have to be appealing to others to be hired. There has to be that likability factor that sets up apart from the others. Why? If we are liked, generally we are trusted and we buy from people we like and trust. So when we think about if we are attractive, the answer has to be YES! If not, how can anyone else find us attractive and want to hire us or do business with us?

Does Being Attractive Even Matter?

Physical attributes do not matter (but we know they do help) as we can be incredibly gorgeous and not be able to perform the task at hand. As discussed previously, a brand has to have some sort of appeal to create an emotional connection. In personal branding the same concept applies but it is more exhibited in the trust factor. We love celebrities as they are the beautiful people that we want to be like. We can think of the big agencies or the a-listers and we want to be like them. From where we are sitting, they have it all. As I like to say (with great thanks to Freddy Mercury), the fame, the fortune … and oh yeah, everything that goes with it. They seem to flawlessly write blog posts that people gush over, share and flock to them as if they are creating the New New Testament. The reality is that they are attractive to us, we are drawn to them and each and every single one of us can be them. If we allow ourselves to believe and really believe we are attractive. We have a certain appeal that no one else has.  That little something once we identify and even more so, accept it, is what will bring on success.

Accepting Our Attractiveness

I am not sure about you but that does sound a bit strange. Why would we have to accept that we are attractive? When we look in the mirror what do we see, Medussa? Well sometimes. We are so critical of ourselves that we forget that if we do not give off the vibe of confidence or that we have the one quality that they want and need, we are going to be overlooked. Attractiveness plays a pivotal role in so much that we do. This not to say that we need to walk around handing out cards saying that we are gorgeous and we know it, it is more saying that we are so incredibly good at what we do that we are the only choice.

Accepting that, is the difficult part. It is no secret that I am incredibly vain and my vanity has held me back in so many ways. I focus so much on the physical attributes that I forget the most attractive part of me. My hair, my makeup, my clothing, my weight (please stop me!) matter so much that I spend time preparing on the physical which only lasts what 10 seconds in a meeting that I forget like many the most attractive feature … what I can do for them. I know I am not alone and as you are reading this, you are thinking about your most attractive feature. Identifying, then accepting is a step and while it feels like incredible growth, the hardest part is yet to come. Executing.

Executing the Attractiveness

How? If we do sometimes we go too far or it is perceived that we are obnoxious. We put ourselves out of the running if we are that person. If we are too insecure and not on board with executing the awareness, we also lose as we are incapable of giving them the end. The end is the execution of the attractiveness. The aura of when we walk into the room and command attention that sometimes we do not we even realize we have. The end is that one moment that we know we have them, and have to be attractive to garner that emotional connection so they look no further. The execution of the attractiveness is hard, but not as hard as we think as really it is walking in and leaving a piece of us on the table.  The piece of us is the attraction and execution that we are the only choice. If you have ever hired someone or had some influence on the hiring process, you know what I mean.

So next time someone asks me if I am attractive, I am certain that I will answer that question better. What about you, are you attractive?

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  • S Sharp

    Very thought provking. Thanks for sharing.

  • Well said! Through our efforts with branding, marketing, PR, etc. we try to hone in on those “attractive” qualities that our client organizations have, and build credibility around those qualities. And one of the most important things about that whole process is that the image we’re putting out there has to match reality or there is a disconnect which degrades trust. The attractive image we marketers create for our clients to be their face on the web or their voice in the media, etc., has to be firmly grounded in the reality of the experience their customers will have in their dealings with the company.

    • Leigh

      Well said. The client has to accept the image before they can execute in the customer experience. It is the hardest part as telling a client they are perceived as X when they think y, does create somewhat of a disconnect. Here is where I think people/companies start to go awry as they are failing to accept and then cannot build the credibility around the qualities. It is not easy to accept that the image you had is completely not the one that will be best in the marketplace.

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