Are You the One They Take Home or Just Hang Out With?



are you the one taken home There were ones that we dated that we took home to meet the family as they were worthy to us to be introduced to the very personal side of us, the ones that love us most. Then there were the others that we hung out with and while we thought we were totally committed to them we never would bring them home. Why? There was just something about them that sometimes you could pinpoint or not but you just new they were so not meet the family material.

Take Home Material

The ones we took home we were smitten with. We we so proud to show them off as we did good for ourselves. We were ready to make that commitment to have them endure the family dinners, the digs from our siblings and the prying into their lives. We were so enamored that we had to share them in the hopes that the family would see what we saw. They passed the initial checklist of our requirements and the last test was the nod from the family. The deal sealer for many. If the family was not on board there would be some very awkward moments each time they came over. The same holds true in business. There are some companies that we want to bring on board and work with and we know it from the initial communications. We just have that feeling.

Hang out with Material

Those that we just choose to hang out with were our secret; from our family at least. We tell ourselves as to almost try to convince ourselves that they are so great but something is missing. We enjoy them, we talk to them, we listen to them and we do like them but we are not going the full distance. We cannot commit fully and bring them home. Why? There is a trust factor or some sort of something that is nagging at us to keep them where they are. We see this a lot in business where people want to get some advice on something to then take it and put it to use when they hire someone else. They like us well enough, have a certain amount of trust as they are asking for the advice, but that is where the commitment to us stops. They brain picking session or that quick question that never is a quick answer provides them with a wealth of information that never amounts to signing on the dotted line for us.

How We Become the One to Take Home

We become the one that is taken home when our values are in line with theirs, we have taken the time to really get to know them and know how we fit into their lives. In business, we can become the one that is hired when we carve out our niche and align our services with the needs of the niche. Of course we have to be likable as well as good at what we do. We build the trust with each client we sign and learn from the ones that we did not. We just have to be ready and prepared to be taken home.

Are you one that is taken home or just a bunch of people hang around?

photo credit: james.thompson

  • There is a good test for that. Usually, if your own team is happy to “bring you home”, if they are proud to be part of it, if they spontaneously like to associate their name to your company, without any HR manager suggesting it, that’s all good indication you’re getting there.
    Sometimes employees aren’t exactly proud to do what they do, sometimes it’s just a temporary position while they search for something better, they are not part of the family and if you are full of this kind if employees, how can you hope to charm your customers?