Are Your Eyes Open?



eyes open in sleepSure they are, if you are reading this, then they are. But what are you seeing beyond the words on the page? Each word leads into another that hopefully make structured sentences and has you read more (we know when we see a typo, missing word or an improper sentence structure, we focus on that despite trying to read further). Reading more – that is the goal as if you do not read more, then you  will never have that connection to want to comment, share or even come back. So are your eyes really open or just perusing the page?

Perusing the Page

As a blogger we write each word to have them all read. Feel where we are going, feel where we should be or feel where we guide you to go. When we are perusing the page, it is almost a lot of pressure as we are skimming blah blah, blah .. huh, what – scroll up. Now our eyes are really open. We missed something and now have to go back. Our focus is right there and we start to feel that pull on us that we have to give the undivided attention as it has resonated with us. There is something that connected with us that opened our eyes.

Eyes Open

Our eyes are open when that one thing captures us. At a party, we can be conversing lightly but we hear our name across the room or something that interests us and we forget about the person in front of us. We may turn our foot, our leg and sometimes turn away as we heard something that has not only our mind but yet our eye. We have to look. The same way when we are rubber-necking in traffic going past an awful car accident that caused us a delay. We forget about what is/was in front of us, we have to just stop and focus. Our eyes are open but yet until we allow them to really be open, they are not really much open. Think about the drive to work or the drive to school. Sure, you know each and every stop sign, and light but do you know how many lights, trees or even a new plant that blossomed? Ok you are driving but what about being at the stop light do you notice the new blossom?

Eyes on Me

The Eyes on Me concept cannot be executed in business unless you have eyes on them. I talk about his a lot. I have talked about attention, attention on you and about your attention on them. I missed the biggest part in a lot of ways. I missed the part of what you as a small business owner, a blogger, a friend, a family member focus on. The eyes on me does not really have any meaning until we have our own eyes on us and holding our ground. We have to pay attention to them of course but what about paying attention to what we are offering?

We forget that. Does the offering slide, diminish when we are trying to get them to pay attention to us? We cannot have people adopt eyes on me until we have eyes on us. We, are the crux and basis of the business and without us sometimes the business will not exist. How can we ask someone to have eyes on us when we are unable to have eyes on ourselves? Social media, is about engaging, watching and monitoring brand mentions, faux paus and strides to garner attention. Sounds a bit like having us look at us before we want to have the world look at us? And sometimes them telling us to look at ourselves. Eyes open.

photo credit: dreamglowpumpkincat210