Bing Social Now Recommends Who To Follow On Twitter

bing social recommends who to follow on twitterBing Social, the social media results oriented search engine launched back in June has taken the plunge and is now recommending influencers to follow on Twitter as it relates to your search query. Bing social, similar to Google Social Search and Google Search , as it provides real time search results from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  The difference is that Google Social provides relevant public content from your friends and contacts at the bottom of your search results and Google Search highlights the tweets at the top or the search (if there are tweets that match your query, of course) whereas Bing Social displays the results at the top and allows for filtering for both Facebook and Twitter or each individually. Now add recommendations as to who to follow on Twitter and we have a popularity contest on our hands.

Who Should I Follow on Twitter?

This has to be one of the most asked questions and the answer is always the same. You want to build a community on Twitter of those that  are your target market, industry leaders, competitors, and those that add value to your network and where you can add value to them. It is maddening when people ask how many followers one has as, who cares? Really, who cares? (unless of course you crated a goal around it and then it would providing that the goal is to created a network and not just have the numbers). Does anyone reading this care how many followers I have on Twitter? What you should care about is am I your target, what I am tweeting and how I converse and engage and not how many followers I have.

Bing Social Twitter Recommendations

Bing is taking a big step here as they are matching and also tagging as “influential” or “popular” with search queries. I have been unable to find at the time of this posting the science behind this determination, but one has to believe that the numbers play a role here. So, if I have 750K followers I am influential or popular? I may never converse or engage with more than 2 people a week but with all my followers, I am influential and/or popular. Ok a I suppose you do not obtain that many followers by interacting at all.

I performed a search on Bing Social for “social media and” the the only recommendation was Mashable/Pete Cashmore. I love Pete however, he is the only recommendation for social media? Interesting as I would have thought we would have seen the likes of some other very well known folks being recommended.

bing social recommends twitter followers

Bing Social as a Search Engine

Bing Social is very handy and useful if you are looking specifically for Twitter and Facebook updates. Microsoft promises that the Facebook updates are only from public profiles to respect the privacy of those that do not wish to have a public profile. Although with the like and link, your profile page is public for that like with connections still being permission based. Bing Social as a search engine is a good business resource as it focuses in on the social media updates and displays them in real time. This is not too dissimilar to a Twitter search but if you are looking to see what people are sharing on Facebook as well, it is very convenient.

Have you used Bing Social? As a recommendation tool, do you think that Bing Social has any credibility as far as who to follow on Twitter?

photo credit: Thomas Carrillo

  • Suzanne,

    I did a few test searches, doesn’t offer me ANY social recommendations for the terms “Technology”, “Business” or “Geek”. Doesn’t really seem as robust as the Twitter suggested functionality on, I have found plenty of great, relevant people on there.

    Personally, I just think this is another classic case of bad design and implementation by Bing!

    • Josh
      I was a bit unimpressed with the social media only being Pete Cashmore/Mashable. Bing Social itself is kind cool I will say as I was searching for tweets and it did perform for me. Other than that, I am not a Bing fan at all. I

      Thanks for sharing your results, I appreciate that.

  • I’m not a big Bing fan, so I haven’t tried the social search feature. Sounds kind of cool, but from what Josh below said, he didn’t even see the recommendations for very general (expected) terms.

    • That’s the way Microsoft seems to lure you in for a demo. The product always seems to have loads of potential but never usually works as it is advertised.

    • Mike

      I am not a fan either of Bing. I never get the results that I want but as I said above to Josh, bing social when I was looking for tweets did get me the results that I wanted.

      the who to follow always makes me chuckle as they are pulling bio terms to match a search query which is not a very good gauge of those that are ones I should follow. I find people via blogs and searches to follow (chats too) and that system seems to work best as I am deciding and not a search engine.

      Thank you for reading and commenting,.

  • Excellent article. The marketing and SEO software use through my company and manage for clients recently added this feature last week. Although, some who come up make me wonder how they were included in the results, the overall function is to connect with those who follow the influentials. When people grasp that concept and what it could mean to their business, they will start reaping the benefits of Twitter.

    • Dr Dave

      twitter is an excellent tool for marketing as you are building relationships and relying upon customer centric marketing and not the masses. Your customers are ok with your tweet of your offer coming up in their twitter stream; are ok with conversing and asking questions on Twitter.

      The recommendations are a bit much. I find that there are other means of finding new followers that fit within your core group. I think that being involved and conversing and engaging with others on twitter will bring those that you would want to follow to you.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and also sharing your thoughts.