Blogging – A Journey of the Mind

blogging a journey of the mindOur mind is an infinite clock during our lifetime. From our first breath to our last breath our mind is constantly moving faster than we can even comprehend. We have memories that are sparked by a smell, a color, a letter, a voice or a face. We are able to learn and remember letter sounds to form words when we are learning how to read, shapes, colors, fractions, algorithms, etc. to start a foundation for which we continue to build upon. Our minds are filled with information that is constantly challenged to remember while at the same time to learn. We are in constant chaos and processing the information is overwhelming at times. In younger years, we learn and then with each lesson, we have quizzes and tests, in college we are tested after a million lectures and in our first job we were tested in a performance manner. Isn’t blogging a sort of testing mechanism as you are judged by the words on the screen? The better we write, the more people notice and the more readers, subscribers and customers so, in a way, isn’t that a test?

A Journey of the Mind

Blogging and writing in general is allowing a pen on paper or fingers on the keyboards to do the talking. Whether you are a scribbler, a 2 finger typist or a 110 word per minute typist, your pen or fingers skate across to say what is in your mind. We compile thoughts and make them come to life in a book or for most, a blog. These thoughts, when they come together, are the expression of the mind’s journey, the hidden voice that cannot always be expressed in conversation.

When we write, our mind is speaking and takes us on a journey. This journey in the beginning stages of blogging is searching for the niche to find our audience, figuring out where we fit in socially to be able to our groove on. Each platform we engage upon is a new journey as we are still writing our thoughts but in a different way … a social way of conversation. Blogging in a way is a conversation with the author to the author’s mind as blogs are are written to be conversational after it is posted with comments. We know many times that the comments are what “makes” the article. Is a blog more of a is a conversational speech with the author and their mind until posted for reactions/comments?

Mind Over Numbers

Each post we write and promote we hope will be read, shared with their  readers so that they share too. Traffic matters here as the more that read the better you feel and want to continue and pump out posts that make readers come. We want to impress to gain popularity and notoriety which boots the ego and in turn fuels the mind. But, since when does sitting in traffic with no where to go and feeling like you are sitting in a parking lot matter? An article that performs well is inspiring but what happens when they do not seek other pages, buy, return back the next day or the day after … you are chasing traffic. You lose a part of the journey and set out for a destination. Destinations are a part of the journey but never end the journey.

Curating Information to a Destination

Information that we receive is from someone. We can create something while locked up in our basement and share it with people but it is still coming from someone. Facts are created by someone. Information comes in, we process it and decide to share it or store it for some later date. When we share it, we are not only interpreting it to our own journey to cultivate a destination (through a goal that we are trying to achieve), we are enhancing someone elses. In this sense, the journey of the mind is truly sensational as we can take information that flies by us each day and cultivate new ideas and thoughts.

Is your blog a journey of your mind or just a parking lot?

photo credit: L S G

  • Suzanne, it was interesting to read this “journey through your mind” — I will have to disagree with at least one point that you make:

    “The better we write, the more people notice and the more readers, subscribers and customers so, in a way, isn’t that a test?”

    From my vantage point as both an English/writing teacher AND a marketer, rarely does the “quality” of the written word bring in the traffic. In the marketing arena, it is much more about the usefulness of the info to a specific audience that has been made aware of your message.

    Keep on driving, though. Your blog shares tons of very valuable info.

  • Hmh – interesting thought Shari. I think that the quality does bring in traffic – but not right away. Good quality gets noticed along the line and then when enough people starting realizing then it does bring in traffic. Now traffic does not always bring in the desired results. That is where the game changes.

    Always a pleasure to have you come on by and share your thoughts as they always do make me think.