Connecting the LinkedIn – Twitter Marriage

LinkedIn now knows what we all know – the power of Twitter. Yes, LinkedIn has now partnered with Twitter so you can now have your tweets updated on your LinkedIn profile and vice versa. The announcement came today that a partnership has been born but it will be rolled out over the next few days.

How to Cross Promote on LinkedIn & Twitter

Twitter to LinkedIn:

There are 2 ways. You can share all tweets (which when you are on on a blogchat or having a conversation with people this can be bothersome to LinkedIn contacts) OR you can only share some tweets that you hashtag with #in or #li.  Simple enough if you remember.

LinkedIn, Twitter, partnership

I like this as when we are attending a seminar or chatting with sports friends (as I do frequently) cluttering up LinkedIn would to me lose its value and why frequent your profile when you get all tweets on twitter? I guess it expands exposure to relevant/concentrated new people on Twitter to follow/followers which is good but I use prefer to have LinkedIn as a source for news and articles from groups. My preference, I guess.

LinkedIn to Twitter:

Network Updates- click your Twitter icon at the bottom of your network updates and follow the steps to synch the accounts.linkedin, twitterIf you do not have the button, it will appear within the next few days.  However once you get it, click on it and …twitter settingsNot sure why you would highlight “No do not display on my profile” as if you wanted to abandon it you could click off. There has to be a place that it does display I am guessing????

Are you going to post your tweets to LinkedIn and vice versa? Are you going to select only ones that you tag with #li or #in?  Me, I will go with share only the ones …

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