Do You Have The Guts To Be Remarkable?

guts to be remarkableBeing remarkable is being better than very good, it is better than being great. Being remarkable is the breakthrough success that we aim for but yet so many of not achieve. Why? If we establish what we are great at then we have to move to the next level of being remarkable, right? This is where we see a stop gap from being great at something, better than the competitors but yet where we fall short of being remarkable. Remarkable is hard and to attain that we have to dig deeper than being greater than great, we have to be stand so high above the rest. We have to separate ourselves so that for them their second is the acceptable alternative as the remarkable is the untouchable. Think about that. The remarkable is untouchable in so much as the relation to first to second and for the second, better that being a second choice when compared to the first, they are understudy. The Bentley is remarkable, the Mercedes is very good. The Mercedes is remarkable when compared to the very good Honda.

The Guts to be Remarkable

Being remarkable is more than being greater than the best, it is putting the fear and apprehensions behind you as being remarkable by definition “is worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.”  Uncommon or extraordinary stand out here as how in a field that is filled with greatness we can see where were can stand above the rest? We look for ways and draw out the future but there is one big part that is not always considered … the ruthless and relentless criticism.

Being remarkable takes guts to hear it all and not react or question what we are doing. It is much easier being great as when we are great, we are noticed but yet unnoticed. When we become remarkable, the criticism follows, the external and internal fears start to come to the forefront. We can never prepare for such criticism as we do not know what will be said but yet we can be ready for it and expect it. That is where the guts come in. When you have the guts, you are on the path to being remarkable and what rings true is no guts, no glory.

The Impact of Criticism

Criticism we can handle in small doses. A barrage of criticism is overwhelming and engenders fear. Am I that person they are talking about? A few that are calling us out are generally unsure of who they are or what they are doing and trying to get us to do something, which is generally notice them but a whole lot of people that are attacking is what leads us to failure. Just what they wanted. You fail so they can take your place as they “know” that they will not experience the criticism that you did. They do all they can to create the fear within you to try and ensure that you fail. Why? You were standing above and were uncommon and extraordinary. They are not thinking about what they are saying and the effect it has on you, your friends, your family at all, they are so focused on their own agenda that they are incapable of seeing the impact of their words. The impact of criticism in marketing is how we stay very good through developing a shield that almost makes us invisible through not being criticized vs being remarkable and being scrutinized.

How do we have the guts to be remarkable?

How we have the guts to be remarkable is easy but yet so hard. The risk that is associated with being remarkable is great as there are two sides to it. The success side of the strategic planning and then the failure people try and create. We cannot ignore the words they say as it helps us learn and empower. The success side cannot exist without the failure as with any success there is risk. The risk is how we do marketing right. Marketing done right is the guts as when you are able to be worth noticing, are demonstrating a value in the marketplace. When we demonstrate that value continuously, we are remarkable. This is where the guts come in.

Can we always be worth noticing while ignoring what seems inevitable? The being called stupid, ignorant, incapable of understanding what is real to them vs what is real to everyone else? In our heads, sure we can but is this always the reality? No, it is not. Becoming remarkable is more than standing above and accepting being the focus of hate, it is having a plan of what is coming next to catapult us to being remarkable all over again. It is looking past the negativity and knowing that we are who we say we are. We assign the risk first to being better than good but only really accept the risk in being remarkable. Once we accept the risk, we are looking to the next part of being remarkable. This is the guts that gets the glory.

Do you have the guts to be remarkable? Are you putting it all out there to stay on course and demonstrate value continuously regardless of the outside noise? The praise is uplifting but the criticism is remembered.

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  • Overall I don’t see being remarkable as a totally controllable choice, it’s something that it just happens when certain conditions become true, but I believe being remarkable puts a spotlight on you, so it’s natural that criticism may follow, since so many eyes will be pointed at you.
    If a remarkable Bentley has even the slightiest defect, it will echo a hundred thousands times.
    The danger of being remarkable is in taking criticism in a negative way. If you feel to be remarkable, you may (wrongly) think to be immune from critics, to be just perfect.

    • I do see it as an overall choice when we look at the whole picture. We can choose to sit back and not be in the limelight. This does not mean we do not have a product of being remarkable, it means we ourselves are not pushing forward to stand high above. Your 3D imagery that you have been doing with kinect is amazing but would we call it remarkable right now? I do not know as I do not know enough about the world of 3D.

      I agree on the defects but yet I think that it should be pointed out so that it can be made better. The acceptance of criticism vs the running away from it is big. When we feel the pressure many times we run but when we are so confident in what we have or are doing, we do not run. We continue to work harder to find the next remarkable that we have to offer.

      • I know what you mean Suzanne, choosing to work hard and do something extraordinary is indeed a choice, but I do think that when someone calls you “remarkable” most of the times you’re the first to be surprised of it. Few really expect it when it happens, don’t you think?

        • yes I do agree. Being called remarkable is hard to take in. I say I am just me. No adjectives are really necessary however they are definitely not ignored nor appreciated greatly. I never expect any praise and I not think many do. On a different note, the work you are doing with the 3D is incredibly awesome and I love the videos. Keep em coming as it is amazing to see what you guys are up to over there. I see the big changes in the technology when my son plays the games on the computer. A far cry from Atari (yeah I am that old). What is so exciting about your industry is that it is for the young and also the older folks like me to get involved. Keep up the fantastic work as it just makes me so proud to know you.

          • You are very kind Suzanne, and I am very happy for your words, really.
            No worries about Atari, most of my people over here are old-school gamers as well, I think we could all spend hours talking about the times where “videogames were really fun” haha 🙂

  • Just or undo criticism is always hard to take. One negative criticism will cancel out a 100 praises… human nature I suppose. “Putting yourself out there” has been my kryptonite. I’ve been labeled as “laid back” and “he gets along with everyone” because I go with the flow and I want everyone to like me. Well, I now realize that I’ve compromised a lot of what I believe in and who I am just because I can’t stand negative comments and opinions about me.

    Being remarkable is something that’s still out of reach for me… but, I’m working on it. 🙂

    • Alan

      It does when we let it cancel it out. I have had my share of criticism in the social world and instead of pushing it forward, I retracted and I know what a big mistake that was. I wanted everyone to like me and feel into the trap. So I can relate to where you are. I see so many taking hit after hit and then I realize that the people making the hits are just fear them that they are not doing enough so instead of hunkering down and working harder, they lash out at others to fulfill the inner need that they are not failing. It is fear in them trying to drive fear in us. A vicious cycle but when we are ready we can overlook it, prepare for it and stay on course with our agenda and be confident about it – and be remarkable.

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