Facebook Adds Ability to Unlike to Liked Pages

facebook new unlike buttonEver like and be linked to a Facebook page and then realize that it was not for you? What about having to like to enter a contest and then be left with a flurry of updates that you never really paid any attention to but that appeared in your news stream? The only way to rid yourself of these unwanted messages was to “remove” them by hiding the post or all of their posts, which did not unlink you. Facebook has now added a new feature where you can unlike the page and not receive further updates in your news stream.

Facebook’s Adds Ability to Unlike Liked Pages

The unlike button is the latest addition to the world of Facebook. It is welcomed new addition as we have to like a page to get a full feel for the content, the offers, participate in contests however, when we start receiving the messages and the comments that go along with it, we sometimes were left with a feeling of uneasiness of being associated with the page; especially those that were not monitored very closely by the page administrators. Hiding the page was useful but we were still connected and linked to the page. The unlike rids us of the page and their updates in our news stream and also as a “fan.”

How to Unlike a Facebook Liked Page

The unlike for a page is not prominently displayed under the article as one would hope or expect. Likes are very easy to find as they big and bold on websites but the unlike is contained within the “remove” or by going directly to the unwanted page.

1. Find within your news feed the post for the page that you wish to unlike.

2. Click the X “remove” to the right of the post and a pop-up drop down box appears.

3. Simply click Unlike Page.

facebook adds unlike to liked pages
You can unlike a page by going directly to the page and on the bottom left side bar under the notes there is “Unlike.”

facebook unlike buttonFacebook has been promoting the liking of pages with the page browser that was launched last month as well as indicating likes that you had in common with friends. This “if your friends like it, you should too” promotional push is just in time for the holiday rush. Brands need people to pay attention to their offerings and Facebook certainly has the users as well as the time spent on the site. The ability now to unlike pages does make it easier to like a page as we can easily go back in and unlike.

The floor is now yours, what do you think? Will you go and unlike unwanted pages? Will you feel more comfortable liking a page knowing that you can immediately go in and unlike?

photo credit: pshab

  • Suzanne, I am such a noob in Facebook that I didn’t even realize there wasn’t an Unlike button for pages… sigh. Well needless to say, very good addition, and I am totally shocked there wasn’t any way to do that properly ’til now.

    • Gabriele

      I had never seen a way to do this but then again, I generally was not one to visit the actual page and spend time on looking to see if there was an unlike. The remove definitely did not have it as I have removed pages.

      Unlike will become more of a player I think. It *should* be coming to all articles, stories, etc as this sweems like a bit of a test run to see how widely used it is. For a brand it is good and bad. It is good to rid it of people who are not paying any attention as they would never buy and if people are unliking due to a certain post. Great research there but at the same time, are people going to be missing something that would be valuable to them? So many unanswered questions that will need to be a wait and see and we know this is just a start with the unlike.

      Noobs are good as many times you all teach us things.

  • Julian Pulgarin

    This was always possible to do by going to the page, and clicking “Unlike” on the very bottom of the left side bar.

  • Suzanne,

    A few days ago I wrote a similar post. We had a local TV Station who was trying to collect fans using a contest in a spammy attempt.

    Since I did want my developer friends to be able to compete in this create a website contest without people having to give out all their info I wrote about the steps to vote and then unlike the page.

    I guess now people can join even more pages because it is easier to hit unlike.

    • Raul

      I am still catching up on my reading so I have not seen that post yet however there is something that I have been looking into regarding likes. There is a bit of power behind them in search with the Bing Facebook having likes appear in search results which was spoken about today on iMedia. I am still throwing it around and will write about it as I delve into it more but the ability to unlike is almost as strong as the power to like.

      Brands can leverage the likes with the contests and that will appear in search results providing that the search queries are about that brand and the like. A bit hard to get all those pieces in place however the brands that can do that will come up on top. With the holiday rush approaching there is something to be really watched with this as people will be searching and looking for deals. If a brand can pull it all together, we may see a dynamic with Like that we have not seen yet. This of course would mean that people need to be using Bing as their search engine. Not sure it will have incredible results but the results will be targeted and it can really help a brand.

      Any thoughts there?

      • Suzanne,

        I have also fallen behind on my reading. Major issues with my ISP not getting a good connection or one at all.

        I am not too familiar with Bing I am biased since I try to stay away from anything microsoft related (vista gave me so many nightmares converted me into an anti-ms guy) .

        I think Bing just as any search engine will benefit the big companies. But where do the small business owners end up at.

        Last year i bought Blackfridaypr.com thinking I was going to get a few people to collaborate and set up a site for Blackfriday shoppers on the island. Reality was I focused on Small Business owners and they where not really interested.

        On one side they have a huge disadvantage over using a major search engine but most of the locally don’t see the value in any other tool. I might have steered a bit of subject but I am not sure how to measure Bing’s interaction or participation.

        • Raul

          Bing is weak and needs a boost. I do not think right now that FB can do it for them however as a retailer that is looking to boost their sales with some targeted customers, bing may just help a bit. Many are still not on board with Bing as it is weak however, there is a bit of a push on FB to search and that is done through Bing. Retailers need the likes, Bing needs the traffic and Facebook needs something to talk about. It all works together – or they really hope it does for this holiday season. Not sure if we will see some big numbers this year for retailers that profited off the likes and the search of bing but as companies realize the value of likes, we may see some more really great campaigns that are more than like this page to enter this contest.

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  • Smaccas

    Why is it that i find that somehow i have automatically unliked bands i like.  I know it happens to others because people have told me.  Its so annoying particually for bands trying to establish themselves through social media.