Facebook Adds Browser Counter Alerts

Facebook Adds Browser Counter AlertHave you noticed the number in your Facebook browser tab that appears after “Facebook” but before your name? This is the latest addition to Facebook to provide users with an up-to-date notification that they have a friend request, email or notifications that they should tend to. Prior to this browser counter, we were notified by the little red box for friend requests, emails and notifications with also is a counter. This was only visible on your page.  The browser notification alerts you even if you are on another page.

Facebook Browser Counter

The new browser counter combines the amount of friend requests, emails and notifications and in the tab appears as “Facebook (number) l (your name). Once you go to your page, you can click on the individual red alert counters and the number in the browser tab will decrease or if you click on them all, will disappear until a new update appears.

facebook browser counter alert

Facebook knows that we jump around from browser to browser when we have our profile open. The crescent moon that appears when people are inactive after a while so to try and get them back on their page with an alert in the browser is promoting interaction and engagement. The more time people spend on Facebook, the more things they share, discuss and the more data that is pulled for advertisers.

Will this browser counter alert bring you back to your page when you are surfing elsewhere or will it go unnoticed like the red counter alerts?

photo credit: pshab