Facebook Adds “Liked” Articles to Search Results

Facebook ads liked articles to search resultsEver wonder how the articles you like will be used by Facebook? Once we like a page, we are linked through the like and link feature but it seemed to stop there. Until now … Facebook has upgraded their search with the  most recent addition of liked articles displaying in search results. The results displayed are from your “friends” and not all users. According to a Facebook representative via Allfacebook.com,

“We launched the ability to see articles shared by your direct friends in the search type head. For instance, if your friend is on a news site and clicks ‘Like’ under one of the articles (which will then go into News Feed), when you go to search for that article on Facebook, it will surface in the drop down.” Most significant is that the content displayed “is only available for articles shared by your direct friends (not globally to all users on Facebook).” Additionally, “This is not surfaced to you based solely on number of ‘Likes’ for the article.”

Facebook Liked Article Search Results

Facebook’s addition of the liked articles to the search results is really nothing more than compiling newsfeeds for all your friends and displaying then to match your search query. It is immediate, organized and also keeps you on Facebook and not bringing you over to a search engine. Not every result will yield satisfactory results however for the ones that it does, the user not only has the information they were requesting, but they also can now like the page.

What do I search for with Facebook Search?

You can search the same way that you do on the search engines. I performed numerous searches that for most I was provided pages and not articles shared by my friends. This is due to no fault of Facebook, my friends did not “like” articles that matched my searches.

A search for “facebook search” displayed the following results:

Facebook ads liked articles to search resultsAs you can see, my friends had liked articles from various sources that were useful but yet did not provide a whole lot of information regarding Facebook Search.

Facebook Search as a Search Engine

As Facebook Search is, at this time is only providing results from items that your friends like, it is not really a viable source for obtaining information. As Facebook continues to grow and expand its resources for personal and business usage, we can only expect that they will expand upon the information provided and go head to head with Google and Bing.

Have you used Facebook Search? Have the results satisfied your needs or have you had to go to the Google or Bing for a more thorough search?

photo credit: william couch

  • I haven’t used it yet but can see this becoming a pretty powerful feature in the future as it’s refined. This seems to have the potential of leveraging the “trust” within social networks to up the relevance of returned results. When you consider the search capability, Facebook Places, and social gaming, we soon may not have a good reason to leave Facebook 🙂

    • John

      I think that is the idea behind all these upgrades. They do not want us to leave the page too often. Also, with the like for articles, they get to see what your preference is and that amounts to more advertising dollars. Funny how that works.

  • I had used facebook search without knowing it? I was wondering what those results with some articles i had liked and from other users where and thanks to this post now I know.

    I am also trying to think if also functions the same way for business owners with like pages. For example if you can track what your fans in a like page are doing. Just trying to look at the business advantages and perspective of this feature. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Raul

      This could either be a success or a big flop. I had performed many search results that yielded only pages which for those businesses, it was great but as far as this being a place to search and receive qualified results, it took a while for me to get there. I kept at it as I was writing this article but if I was not, I would have abandoned it.

      They are moving in a direction to extend search as another option but it will need some work.