Facebook Adds Spam Reporting Feature

facebook spam reporting featureSpam, we loathe spam. Deleting spam is a part of our day as regardless how filtered our inboxes, and profiles are, we are still unable to be spam free. We have all seen social media profiles that have been overrun with promotional links from other users and run as fast as we can from that page to accidently avoid clicking the link. Now Facebook is doing their part to help rid profiles and pages of spam with the new spam reporting feature for these links posted on profiles and pages. Previously the administrator had to remove the spam which we know is very tedious to remove each posting and many times was not done very timely. The spam reporter is open to all users to which is a welcomed feature for site administrators.

How to Report Spam on Facebook

The spam feature, for now, is limited to links and is not available for non-linked status updates.The page administrator will still be the watchdog for negative, abusive, promotional updates and have the authority to remove such updates. The news fees that contain links all have a “Flag” button under the posting at the bottom right. The flag feature is 2-layer to try and avoid erroneous flagging and/or spam reporting. 1. Click on flag at the bottom right of the posting. Users are promoted to undo or report as abusive. flag on Facebook2. If you clicked Flag in error, you can simply undo or if you are wanting to report spam, click on Report it and a new window pops up with a menu so that Facebook can properly identify the rejection of the link and presumably a closer look at the origin of the link and make the determination as to whether or not to ban the user.

facebook spam reporter The spam reporting feature is not meant to target and report competitors unless they are spamming pages. This is not an opportunity to take advantage of the new tool and try and get your competitor booted from Facebook. No, it is a tool that helps keep our Facebook experience positive and and do or part to be spam free. Is the spam reporting feature a welcomed or one that will be overused and abused new feature? photo credit: Balakov

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    The report of spams on Facebook sucks! Facebook just doesn’t want you to make new random friends that you don’t know! 

    I been getting this none sense porn popping up on my friends and my wall without  my control! DOESN’T HAVE ANY REPORT FOR SPAM!!