Facebook Enables Privacy Settings for Applications

Facebook has expanded the privacy settings to applications.  In December 2009, the privacy settings for updated, photos, videos, postings on your wall all became custom settings so that you could decide if just friends, friends of friends or customized with the option to hide each item from certain friends. This caused a considerable amount of confusion once launched however the dust has settled long enough for a new customization to emerge.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Customizing Application Privacy

This privacy customization for applications is a great tool as many times we do not want all of our friends/their friends to see the applications that we are downloading and they do not want it in their stream either.  This comes on the heels of the ability to block applications and further increases the overall user experience for all parties. We all use Facebook differently and for those that are there to keep in touch and for business like myself, checking in and having 23 applications that friends have downloaded  prevents me from seeing the stream that I wish however for those that enjoy playing games and downloading a gazillion applications you now are free to block me and any other friends that would not enjoy these applications.

Customize by selecting friends you wish to share/invite the application with when you download or afterwards by clicking the lock button (which creates the same drop-down menu as in the profile privacy settings)  in the status/application update.

Facebook privacy drop down menu

How to Delete Facebook Applications

Have you downloaded applications used them once or downloaded and wish you hadn’t?  Deleting unused/unwanted applications is simple.

1. On the far right of your page, click Account, then application settings.

2.  Show: Changed to Authorized to see all the applications you have authorized.

3.  Those that have an X can can be deleted.

delete facebook apps

4. Simply click the X and it opens a new small window that gives a warning that if you delete the application they will no longer have access to your information and simply click remove and the application is deleted.

delete facebook applications

Customizing your Facebook page  has never been easier.  You now control which of your friends is worthy of seeing what you are downloading and playing with and remove their ability of blocking them.  Privacy has been and will continue to be a big concern for users and as technology continues to keep our lives as open books with live stream and the like, a bit of privacy, albeit even as small as this, it is always welcomed.