Facebook Expands Photo Tagging To Brand Pages



Facebook Logo Proud to show off your Snuggie or cup of Starbucks in photos? Now you can take it a step further and show your alliance to a brand by tagging just about anything in a photo that is categorized as a person, product or a brand. Facebook does have plans to expand this to more categories at some point. Photo tagging has been met with some concerns and many took advantage of being able to opt out of photo tagging so as to keep some level of privacy and not have a free for all and be tagged in a photo that is less than flattering.

How to Tag Brand Pages

Photos can be tagged in any area where you can view a photo in the photo viewer.

1. To tag a photo, simply click on the photo and the viewer opens.

2. At the bottom left, the menu appears and simply click Tag this Photo.

facebook expands photo tagging

3. Click on the photo to start tagging and type in what you are looking to tag the photo with (ie person, brand, product).

how to tag brands in facebook photos

As a user, you can tag any page that allows for photo tagging whether you Like the page or not. If you as a user have your photo tagging settings set to everyone, then when you tag a photo it will show up on the page that you tagged in their photos. If not, it will only be visible to your friends or friends of your friends.

The page administrator of a page can opt out of allowing users to tag photos (in case you forgot or wish to update with the new tagging of pages).

a) Clicking Edit Page (at the top right side of the page)

edit facebook page

b) Un-check/opting out of “Users can add photos” and also “Users can add videos.” San Diego Zoo seems to have taken advantage of this as they are unable to be tagged.

edit facebpok page


We hear the groans of the spammers who were already sifting through old photos getting ready to be on the attack. The tagged photos do not show up on the wall and instead in the photos tab however that should not put a brand at ease as according Inside Facebook, “Photos is Facebook’s most popular native application, receiving huge numbers of Page views.”

As a brand, for those users that do not abuse this functionality, this could be very good to increase their visibility on Facebook. A brand like Gap can have thousands of users tag themselves in their clothing. People are proud to show off the brands they support and get their friends involved.

What do you think, is this a good feature or one where due to spam, administrators will have to opt-out of photo tagging?


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    Facebook is a good social networking site. It provides so many great futures. It is a good that Facebook expands photo tagging to Brand pages. It is such an innovative service of Facebook.

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  • Anonymous

    It is a good application of Facebook. It is a application to attach our name tag with our image. We all know that Facebook is so useful for connect us with our social circles. 

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    • It is a useful application when we are tagging and not be erroneously tagged. It is new, it has kinks and those will be worked out the best that they can. As FB continues with new features that tie into them some of the older ones like tagging, we will see where tagging becomes more of a connecting towards the likes of those that we are tagged with or whose pages we are tagged on. Ultimately, FB needs to maximize the targeting for the advertisers.