Facebook Launches New Profile Design

Facebook launches new profile designFacebook has updated our profiles to give our friends a quick snapshot of who we are. Our current and previous employers, our martial status, education, interests, favorite teams, etc are now showcased at the top of our profile. Previously this information was contained on our profiles to the left in our bio. If you do not have the new profile, you may opt in and update, however, once you update to the new profile, you cannot change back to the old one.

Breaking the Ice

When we first meet people we seek that common interest. There has to be one, right? Facebook eliminates the searching for the common ground and introduces you to new friends by displaying your basic information at the top of your profile.  All of the informati0on displayed was already contained within your profile (providing you added it) but now it is front and center for everyone to see. Your martial status with a photo of your spouse, your employer, favorite teams, education, photos you’ve been tagged in recently all will be contained in the top of your profile above your status updates. facebook new profile introduce yourself

Facebook Tagged Photos

Being tagged in a photo on Facebook just got new meaning. Previously, you were tagged in a photo and it showed up on your wall and you commented to the person who tagged you and we all had a great laugh. Now,  photos that you have been tagged in are displayed at the top of your profile beneath your introductionary bio but above your status.You can opt out and not have a photo displayed by simply rolling over it and clicking “X.” Note: the photo will still be in your “photos” unless deleted by the person wh posted it. Concerned about privacy? Facebook insists that your privacy has not been compromised as  only people you’ve allowed to view photos you’re tagged in will see the photos.

Facebook Featured Friends

Now you and your BFF can be Facebook featured friends. You can also tag family members as a family member (drop down list is provided), categorize friends as to where you know them from (ie work, school, a conference, etc) and still create groups that contain teammates, shared interests and as well as feature existing friends list. The focus around the featured friends is to bring a visual experience to your profile as once you are tagged in a group, featured or not, your photo appears in that group and that appears on your profile.

facebook featured friends

photo credit: Facebook.com

Sharing Experiences

Facebook is yearning for us to share so much about us through our profiles. Where we are currently employed, our previous employers, our colleges/universities, high school and with each of these adding who we work with, attended classes with as well as individual classes that you liked. There is a lot of information that you can share but the main feature is with who so Facebook can link you together.  Thus far, I have not found a way to opt out of being linked in such a manner. Your privacy is not necessarily being compromised unless you did not want the entire world of Facebook to know that you worked at McDonald’s in high school.

Sharing Interests

Facebook has always wanted to know what interests you. The newly updated profiles are no different. Your interests are shared through updating your profile as well as liking a page. Facebooks Like and Link has been around for a while so as a refresh, when you like a page, you are linked to that page and it is displayed on your profile. They have added some new interests with your favorite sports teams and favorite players. Facebook prompts you to add this information and continues to leave the alert to update the information when you have opted to leave it blank. Once you enter the information, it is displayed.

The new profile pages focus in on the visual experience with the photos. Your life in photos of sorts as with each team,  television show, book, band, etc, their avatar is displayed on your profile for everyone to see. As said above, this information has already been contained within your profile should you have completed it. It is now just front and center so friends get a taste for who you are and what interests you. I suppose that this will give a bit of a nudge to people to update their information to include their hometown, current city, religious and political views and proudly display their Facebook featured friends.

What do you think? Is this Facebook redesign a means of pushing us to update our information and give Facebook a chance to display our lives in photos?

Facebook logo sticker photo credit: jaycameron

  • With the previous change in photo display resolution and the constant interest in putting the “person” at the center of FB’s attention these changes all make sense.
    I appreciate them constantly striving for improvement with little-to-medium changes, not to totally rewrite one’s experience but to give more and more changes through time.
    An approach very different from what has been Digg’s one for example, with one huge change after many years.
    So far, it’s obvious which one pays the most.

    • Gabriele

      I agree with the latter about Digg. I just find it IDK a bit strange to give us a visual experience. I keep trying to find more with this. I find the photos at the top of the status updates distracting. It just seems so cluttered now. I guess I like my white space.

  • Facebook is making the online world a better place, they are doing the do and given me more clients…Let me login and see how this new face lift look.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Black SEO Guy

      Great to have you here. Glad to hear that your facebook marketing is successful but this change seems a bit more personal than business. Not sure where they are going with this.

  • That’s great and all, but how do you update your own status? How do you write on a friend’s wall? It’s the simple things that are often overlooked.

    • Jim

      Truly honored to have you here as I get all giddy inside. I believe that you answered this in twitter and it was a laptop/desktop despite same browser issue. If not, LMK and we can take a look at it as it is working on my end.

  • Kdanielivers

    I think my friends already know all the profile info you’re putting up front. They’ve known it for a long time. What they can’t see anymore is my status update – so basically I’ve gone from a changing, evolving being to a static being on Facebook. I don’t need Facebook to become LinkedIn just because you don’t want to be like Twitter. You went overboard. The beauty of Facebook was that it cleanly integrated all the fragmentary natures of other social media in one place. Now it’s out of whack.

    • Some people are reporting that they cannot see their status. I can so I am unaware of this problem. I also thought that people I would be friends with would have this information so I am not sure where they are going with this. Maybe it is for the like and link as there you are not friends with everyone that also likes the some pages/brands that you do? I am not sure but am keeping an eye on this as we know that the only use will not just be updated profiles.

  • Dachs

    I love the new profile but the friend’s Status Updates Link that was available in the previous profile version is gone. How can we show friend’s status updates easily?

    • you have to go on their profile I believe. That function was removed with the new facebook design.