Facebook Lite – Less is More.

facebook liteSocial media networking site Facebook has completed its testing stage of Facebook Lite.

On Thursday, September 10, 2009 Mashable’s Ben Parr reported that Facebook Lite had gone live.  According to the article,

“Facebook Lite is a faster, simpler, way to keep in tough with friends…”

On Friday I was intrigued enough to venture over to lite.facebook.com to see for myself.  The first noticeable change is the removal of the applications that people download to their site. This I fully support and welcome.  While I think it is great that people use Facebook to see which 1980’s TV star they most resemble, it clogs my page and I miss posts from people I really wanted to see.  There are other changes to note.

1. “Home”/”Facebook”.  On regular Facebook, “Facebook” and “home” seem to serve the same purpose.  Home has been deleted on Lite. To see all posts, just click on “Facebook.”

2. “Friends”.  The friends button on Facebook Lite has been eliminated and replaced with “Events” where you can post events you will be attending, supporting and sponsoring.

3. “Whats on Your Mind”/”Write”. This is probably the biggest change that at first took some time to figure out.  The status bar has been removed from the top of your page so to update your status or post anything you click on “Write.”

4. “Account Name”. The account name/your name has been removed on Facebook Lite.  This does not seem to serve much of a purpose on regular Facebook as it is the same information as the “Profile” button on both regular and Lite. This contains all your posts and a listing of profiles you have commented on.

5. “Share”.  The share button seems to be eliminated from Facebook Lite. This is disappointing as this is a very useful tool.

I am a big fan of Facebook Lite and will continue to use this.  It The clutter is gone and I find it much easier to navigate and communicate with people.

Tried Facebook Lite?  Thoughts?  Like? Dislike?

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photo credit: abraham estrada