Facebook Relaunches Upgraded Facebook Events

Facebook Events just got a whole lot simpler with the launch of the new Facebook Events tool where users can add an event in a moments notice or some last minute changes to alert friends. If it has not been added to your profile already, an Events box will be added for easy access to add your event or if you are changing something to an event, you can create a last minute new event.

Facebook Events

How to Create a New Event

1. Start. On your Home Page, start typing the name of your event in “What are you Planning”

2. Event Specifics. Add the date and time of the event. The default here is for “Today” which is great if you are changing an event, it allows for real time posting to avoid calling everyone invited or plan it for the future. Great tool for a save the date to let people know you are planning an event and wish for them to be available.

3. Location. Add in where the event will be held and then with the Add Details, you can add the street address and also make this a public or private event. If you wish for it to be private, click the add details at the bottom of the event and uncheck the box “Anyone can view and RSVP (public event)” and this will be private.  You also have the option to show the guest list or hide it in case someone who thinks they should be invited is not.

4. Invite. There are a few ways to invite friends to your event. You can start tying their name and it will auto finish, you can browse and a new window opens allowing you to click on their name or invite via their email.  You are sure to not forget someone when using the browse option as the thumbnail profile is featured. facebook events invite

5. Event Photo. Have a cool photo that you want to add to the event to spice it up or entice guests? In the add details, you have the option to upload an event photo.

facebook events add a photo

Despite being able to privatize the event, once you invite people, they will be able to post messages, photos, videos and links on the event’s Wall exposing what they write about the event to all their friends.  This is great for a business event however for those events that you wish to keep within your core friends, this is probably not a good idea.

Facebook has has some privacy issues lately and made some opt-in defaults that really open up your profile to instant personalization, the not-so-new Facebook Like and Link as well as the ever so popular Facebook Gifts.  We all use Facebook differently and for those that do like to keep their personal profile personal and private, it is getting harder to do.  For a business and completely from a marketing standpoint, these new changes are a dream as you can find out so much about people who like yoru brand, dislike your brand and anything else they have to say about it.

As always, what are your thoughts? Will you use this for a business event? How about a personal event?

  • Suzanne, this is exactly the type of article I'd like to post on my blog. Would you mind if I “cut and pasted it” and wrote my own comments?

  • Shari

    Girl, you know you never need to ask however as a teacher, you are showing others the right thing to do. I would be honored to have you take this to your blog and your readers.

    Hope all is good in San Fran.

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