Facebook Testing Collapsible Birthday Wishes

Facebook Tests Collapsible Birthday WishesFacebook birthday wishes while they many times serve as a reminder to us when they appear in our stream they are also a distraction as they seem to almost be endless. We are happy for our friends that they are so well liked and wished that their special day is a good one but we also are missing some postings that we would respond to.

Collapsible Single Common Links

The technology is not new as we have been introduced to this feature when there 4 or more comments to a status or photo/video, etc. We are alerted to the additional comments but they are not visible unless you click “View all X comments” to view them.

Expanding this to the birthday wishes while on the surface appears minor, it is expected to be a welcomed addition should testing result in integration. Our friends are what matter to us and their special day is special for us too but seeing a wish from every person that they are friends with that appears to cover our wall worse than the 1970’s floral wallpaper in our grandmothers’ house does take away from other updates.

We will be sure to stay on top of this and see if this does emerge from testing and become a new tool. Our walls at times are junked up enough before we block Facebook apps like Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc so the ability to  have shortened versions of updates is definitely not going to disappoint.

What do you think – will you welcome this?

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  • C Kensek

    Any birthday greetings should either just go to the person directly or have a birthday folder (I like that) so that the whole world isn't inundated with the birthday wishes.

  • I am all about it too. In the morning you expect that there will be a lot but all day and into the night we do miss other updates. I think this one will be tested and launched soon!

  • I agree as well – collapsible birthday wishes will be a welcome addition to Facebook!

  • John

    I am hopeful that testing will go well and they will also expand it to other items as well that are related in posts. Congrats on engagements, births, etc. They are all happy and lovely moments but a gazillion of them get a bit in the way.