Facebook’s New Event Pages

Facebook in what seems like an effort to standardize their pages, has redesigned the events pages. Back in May, Facebook relaunched the upgraded events tool where users were able to add a new event in a moment’s notice or even make changes to the event to alert invited guests. The invitation itself was pretty straightforward where invited guests could notify the host by accepting the invite and adding some thoughts of their own to the wall. Facebook, in an unannounced change, has shifted some of the key elements which now resemble a profile page.

Facebook’s New Event Pages

While the changes are not a complete overhaul of the event pages, they are not going unnoticed. In the various redesigns of the profile pages over the last year, Facebook added the left column so we were easily able to see which of our friends were online, created the Facebook Like button and gave us the ability to comment upon everything that someone posts to their wall. The event pages have incorporated a few of these elements making it easier to see who is attending and prominently displays the RSVP buttons.

Facebook's New Event Pages

The attendee information has been moved to the left column and is displayed when an invited guest views the invitation. This move makes a lot of sense as we are already used to seeing who is online in this column. The prominent display of the RSVP  buttons at the top right of the invite immediately following the event title begs us to respond. There is no excuse that you did not see the RSVP button.

These are minor changes but increase functionality of the pages. There have not been any additional features added at this time.  A feature to add a video hopefully is on the horizon but for you now can still add a photo.

The popularity of the events pages seems to have increased since the upgrade in May. While at times we do get bombarded with invites to events, it is a great way to spread the word. Definitely much more functional than posting on your wall in the hopes that everyone you want to come will see it or sending out text messages.

photo credit: Mashable

  • I think that this look and feel is a little more natural. All the information is now in one place, works well as an event dashboard.

  • Josh

    It focuses our eyes on places that we are used to looking at. It is more functional and I like the attendee list to the left but the big rsvp buttons are a welcomed change.

  • Bad Change:

    Unfortunately what's now missing or hidden is “Remove from my events.”

  • there seems to be a few things that are missing that are not very favorable. This is one that should be there as we are able to hide status updates from people.