Going All In



going all in

As I was walking through the flower garden at the Bellagio this past weekend enjoying the beautiful arrangement of flowers, there was a gentlemen in there with his girlfriend/wife who was less than thrilled to be in there. As he held his beer and his facial expression and body language told a story of complete and utter boredom, my friend looks over and commented to me about going all in. I was so engrossed in the beauty and ambiance that it took me a bit to really comprehend and understand what my friend was saying. As we walked through the crowded casino floor, I started thinking about what was said and going all in. I looked at the people walking by, sitting at the tables and wondered about how much they were going all in.

Going All In

Do we always go all in? We like to think that we do but really we know that this is not the case. However how much are we missing when we intentionally do not go all in? If this man stopped trying to be the macho man he would have realized that the flower garden tells a different story for each of us. Sure, it may not have been his “thing” but at the same time, he was already in there so why not lose the ‘tude and look at hand laid tiles in the floor, the beautiful arrangements of the flowers and share a special moment with his partner. Instead, he opted to try and be the cool guy that missed an opportunity to take advantage of the entire experience.

Going All In vs Appeasing

This gentleman was appeasing. He simply walked into the garden because his girlfriend/wife wanted him to. We all appease as it keeps the peace. We do things that we are not necessarily fond of but there is a difference in appeasing and making the best of it. When we appease we miss out on so much. We have all had the experience of when we dreaded doing something but yet once there when we made the best of it and ended up really enjoying it. When we dwell on not wanting to be there and refuse to make the best of it, we are only hurting ourselves. Everyone else there is having a good time and enjoying it, well except the one person that we find and hide in the corner with and gripe the entire time about how we were dragged there and hate everything about it. Appeasing is not always the worst thing but yet we know that is not always the best.

Appeasing is a part of blogging as if we capture the audience in a way that resonates with them, they are captivated and return. We love our readers and want them to keep coming back. We are aiming to please while at the same time are we remaining true to ourselves? Some posts may not always be what we wanted or intended to write but yet depending upon our goals of the blog or the purpose of the blog, we are many times appeasing the audience. While this may seem a bit harsh or some may say fake, we know that it is true.

Already There

When we are already there, we are there. When we close ourselves off to what is around us, we are missing out. We are not only missing the part with our partner or friends, we are depriving ourselves of something. Sometimes most of all, showing we can adapt and enjoy the surroundings. Sometimes the surroundings are the people that we are appeasing or the people that are all in. The all in what we should focus on. Looking at them tells a story, a story that we create and can relate to. If we are there, “there” is something we can learn and grow from. Even if it is just watching other people, we learn.

In blogging, we blog to gain experience, traffic, leads and notoriety. We want to be successful and be someone that is looked at as a leader. We are are already “there” with writing each post and gaining a new reader each day, but are we really there? Are we giving the experience to the readers or typing words on the page just to say we did it?

Going all in is more than the commitment to just be there. It is taking the time to make the effort to really be there. Appeasing is so phoning it in. While there are things we do not want to do, we have the choice to make. Are we going all in or just phoning it in?

And as I was focused on the garden I guessed I missed missed a part … the people who did not want to be there.

photo credit Rhett Sutphin

  • Diane Brogan

    Your post verbalized a great point. By being all in, there is always something to experience. Macho man should read your post.

    • Diane

      It is such a beautiful area in the hotel that even if you loathe flowers, there is something to experience. The arrangements, the fixtures that they make out of the flowers is just amazing. We miss so much when we are being that macho man and for what … to look cool to the 1 other macho man?

  • Many of us sometimes lose focus and we really don’t clearly see that we decided to do some things which might not be as attractive at the moment. While setting up my own business I have learned that even if it sounds profitable if it does not go with what I want to do I stay away from it.

    I get more satisfaction and the people that are around me also when I go all in.

    Posts like yours help us think for a few minutes to see what are Going all in? If you still se a purpose then quickly give it all your energy if you don’t see a purpose renew yourself be taking a different route.

    • Raul

      I agree that in business we need to look at it that way. In real life when we are going to a party, sight seeing or even a movie, making the best out of it is the better route as who knows, you just may have some fun.

  • Tom Martin

    AWESOME Post Suzanne. Hope you don’t mind… but I stole your line “all in” for an upcoming Ad Age post.. with attribution of course. Thanks for helping to break my writer’s block today!


    • Oh Tom you are the awesome one. Ad Age? You know I love Ad Age and your column. That is where I originally found you so for me that is such an honor that you will be using a line from me in your column. Makes me so giddy.

      Thank you for reading and making my day. I know your column will be crazy good as they always are. Got my RSS for it all set up!

  • Reminds me of a tweet I did… Caring is more than making the complaint go away. And, you are quite right about “Are we giving the experience to the readers or typing words on the page just to say we did it?”

    • Harold

      It is interesting how we read so many blogs each day and hear the chatter of how I have to blog, have to write a post. The posts that do well are the ones where we are giving the experience. Those are the ones we say that we want to write. Other than that, it is the words on the page that we can cross off the to do list.

      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  • A good reminder. I’ve been reading a lot about Buddhism lately, and one of the recurring themes is Mindfulness in each moment. It’s amazing when you stop and look back at your day, how many times can you say you were really “all in”? It may be a bit of a wake up call. Thanks for such an enlightening post. Excellent!

    • Ben

      It is so true. Looking back at each day and seeing if we were just there or if we were really there and feeling the moment/experience. We do so much in a day and never really take the time to smell the flowers. When we stop and take the time, we see things so differently. This gentleman was missing out on so much that the garden has to offer.

      Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot.

    • Ree Whitford

      I too recognized and applauded the mindfulness theme in Suzanne’s post. It is that presence which can transform any experience or challenge. Giving your complete attention opens your heart and allows a full response.

  • I know exactly what you mean, and I have been guilty of this behavior myself so many times. I think it’s a matter of psychology, we give in to someone yet we want to make clear it’s something we do JUST for them, they have to understand we are uncomfortable and we have to state clearly we’d rather be doing something completely different. It surely is something men are much more inclined to do than women, due to hormones I guess 😉
    Taking this into blogging, I think of all those articles that are written not ’cause of our passion but purely for SEO or marketing purposes. While these are indeed very important in the life of a blog, if they are your only reasons it will show, and it will end up – ironically – in penalizing you rather than making your blog grow.

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  • Rockin post, Suzanne.

    Maybe a huge website or blog will pick it up.

    I have a weird feeling about this particular post….


    • Thank you Joel. It is funny was when I said “we have to walk through the flower garden” as it is one of my favorite places I never knew what it would bring. I was just putting something I love onto someone else and as they sneezed the minute we walked in, I was willing to not continue. We did continue and it led to this. Their perception of others as I was eye deep in the beauty and in my own world with just one small comment of go all had me go into such a wonderful place in thought. in Moral: I have the greatest friends and that flower garden is a magical place for me as I got lost in there which ultimately opened the mind.

      Always my pleasure to see your smiling face here. Thank you Joel.