Google Search – A New Look

Google search has a new look with the latest upgrade.  Simplicity, the theme and idea behind this upgrade to increase user experience by making it even easier to find what you are looking for. A few months back we were introduced to Google’s Real Time Search where we were able to see what was being said about us online via news, tweets in real time with “latest” or within the past 24 hours. We were also able to perform a location search so this upgrade is an expansion of these tools that have previously been launched … but now they appear on the search results page instead of clicking  “Show Options.”  This is just the beginning of the simplicity that Google is introducing.

Google Search – A New Look

1. Google Logo. Google has unveiled a new simpler logo which removes the “TM”,  most of the shadow and even some of the gradient. This is the new logo and will appear on each of the Google sites.

2. Dynamic Left Sidebar. Google has taken the “Show Options” menu and created a left bar on the search results page. Perform a search as you normally would do on and when displaying the search results, the left sidebar appears. You can filter the results selecting “More”  under the “Everything” key to display and select images, videos, shopping, blogs etc.  You can further filter by clicking “Show Search Tools” and displaying time, location, pages you have previously visited or not visited, etc.

Google search a new look 3. Search Results. The search results page has had some housecleaning as well. The blue box at the bottom of the SERP has been removed.

Google Search – A New Design

This new simpler design is set to provide better search results by allowing you to filter and display your preferences. This new look is quite Bing-like as we can see when we compare to How to Optimize for Bing, the left sided bar is similar. The new search results look is not necessarily all that new as we all were exposed to most of the new items in the “Show Options.”  I like the Google New Search as it does save a step to have to click on the Show Options which is something I used frequently.

Thoughts? Does this resemble Bing?  Is this something that you will use for your search results?