Has Google Outsmarted the Spammers?

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Google‘s real-time search is not new and as we all braced for the spamming to explode, it seems that Google may be, may be, able to weed out the spam and have real time search legit and even credible. Hashtags seem to grow each day and provide us with quite a variety of spam/noise within a certain area or trending topic. Google recognizes this and seems to have put their foot down and as per Google’s Amit Singhal:

“You earn reputation, and then you give reputation,” …

“As high-quality pages link to another page on the Web, the quality of the linked-to page goes up. Likewise, in social media, as established users follow another user, the quality of the followed user goes up as well.”

Is the hashtag dead? Not necessarily but they are watching the hashtags. If your strategy is to jump on a trending topic hashtag and add that to your tweet, it is more than likely that you will not show up in live search for that topic. How then do your social media efforts become a part of live search?

1. Followers & Their Followers. The more popular you are is a consideration but the following of your followers also is a factor. Spammers be gone! The reputation of your followers is thread of followers seems endless as the followers of your followers, then their followers, and then theirs, etc.

2. Lists. The initial why and almost annoyance of manually setting up of the Twitter lists now is proving to have meaning. So for everyone who created the lists and are on many credible lists, you are being rewarded. Multiple credible lists as it relates back to #1, the better you shall fare on Live Search.

3. New Content. Tweets are new content as are blogs. User generated searches will yield results of the most recent information (we hope as that is what Live Search is all about) which is an opportunity to obtain a higher ranking; of course keeping 1 and 2 in mind.

4. Keywords. Tweets with keywords seem to be recognized even with hastags, so long as they stay on topic and are not overdone.

Real Time Search is still new but it continues to grow we shall see how it evolves. Will this help small businesses? Will it have an impact on local and mobile local search? This is yet to be determined. We cannot ignore the fact that there are similarities to Page Rank. The frequency of content, the more credibility you have will reflect in the links or in this case the quality of the followers is a similar.

How has Live Search affected the way that you tweet? Has it increased your usage or changed the way that you interact on Twitter?

photo credit: Danny Sullivan

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