Holding Your Ground



holding your groundGrounded. In business it is necessary to remain grounded as it keeps you focused. When we lose focus, we start to spiral and that spiraling is many times the beginning of the end. Running a business, a blog or even your social presence is a lot of work. There are many outside factors that we do not always expect that pop up that are not a part of the every day operations. They need your attention as does your family, friends, customers and as well as yourself. Yes, yourself. You need to pay attention to yourself. This is one part that we always forget about.

Holding Your Ground

The ground is something we stand on every day. It is what is beneath us and keeps us standing. When we are embarqing upon a something new, we do so with such passion, aggression, fervor that we forget one thing – the ground beneath us. The foundation upon which we started. It is easy to forget as when we start the experiences it is so new that we feel we have to do this and that, and, while we want to, we forget about the foundation.

The Foundation

The foundation of a house is what it all stands upon. Regardless of what walls, insulation, electrical wires, rooms, furniture, the basis of it all is the foundation. In business, a blog a social media presence, the foundation is what anchors us. If the foundation is faulty, then we are building something that will give way. There is no way that we can sustain when the foundation is not in tact. But, we forget about the foundation when we are building. The foundation is us; the part that we forget.  Nothing can start without us creating it and that creating sometimes takes on a mind of itself. How we embrace it is how we remain grounded and grow. When we go awry is also how we grow as we learn but only when we return back to the foundation.

But It Is About Them

Sure it is but if it is not about us, in the end goal, we have no foundation. We have to start with us. The attention we give ourselves is the foundation. Can we give attention to others without giving attention to ourselves? We have to have the product/service/offering to give them but, can we give to them that without paying attention to ourselves and building the foundation? This somewhat defies the entire social media concept where is more about them and building a community but if we do not give them something how can they ever hear our message of eyes on me? Eyes on me is a part of it as how can anyone even want to follow us, engage with us if are not showing them why eyes on me is going to be worth their while? So while it is about them, if we do not first pay attention to ourselves, how can we ask people to be going all in with us if we are not within ourselves?

I ask you.

photo credit: mikebaird

  • This is a profound post. Whether it’s the ground or your foundation, you need to make sure you are building on something that is strong and stable. Even if the big bad wolf tries to blow your house down, a strong foundation will keep you going 🙂

    If you are building willy-nilly, you are only building a house of cards, and eventually, though it might take awhile, it will all fall down, and you’ll be left with just the bits and pieces of what you had.

    I think I have a strong foundation – in fact I know I do. And that is a highly encouraging thought.

    Thanks for this post, Z-Mag 🙂

    • No, actually thank you. These are my interpretations of your words. Goodness, you are so smart!

      My foundation is strong when I stay focused on the end goal and result. When I start to stray, I spiral and lose focus. Here I forget about foundation and let all the other things that do not matter as much creep in. It is a good reminder to think of the foundation first and then see how everything builds upon that.

  • I believe business is one of those things you can’t really do perfectly when you start. It takes practice to become aware of everything that has to be considered, and no one is really there to teach you how to do stuff. You have to try your best practices, commit many mistakes, and fine-tune your performance.
    In 10 days we’ll be celebrating the 10 years of our previous webdesign company (which was bought by the new company last year), and it is a good chance to consider all we learnt in this time, every little or big mistake, and all those we have avoided in light of what we did in the past.
    Doing business is like growing up, you can’t learn to grow up, you can just aim to do it at the best of your possibilities.