How to Block Facebook Apps Directly from Your Wall

Tired of the countless “Please accept this gift — I got it just for you” requests showing up  on your wall? Now there is a easy way to block the app forever and be free.  We all use Facebook for different reasons and for that reason, our wall is our wall and we are able to keep it as we like.  There are some that are fans of company pages that like to have that information show up in their stream and not yet another request to accept a gift.  There are others who really do enjoy playing the games and sending gifts to people which they believe will be well received.  We know that they do have good intentions in inviting us as they are our friends but these requests can be a nuisance taking up space in our post stream.

To block an app, you used to have to roll over the app and go to the developer page to block the app and the come back to your page and “Remove” to get delete the post.  Now, you just have to click the “Block App,” conveniently located on the far right under the app, which takes you to a new page where you block it and then return your page and “Remove” (to clear it off your wall).  That simple!

block facebook apps

The person sending the request or gift is not notified that you have blocked it and your wall is back to receiving the information that you wish to receive.  It is a nifty new feature that does keep your wall free of  “debris”  and allows you to see the posts that interest you most.

photo credit: MariSmith