How To Create Attainable Objectives For Your Blog

create attainable objectives for your blogA blog, the hub for many businesses as this is where we send people when we are promoting an article, a product, etc.  We spend hours monitoring the taffic and analyzing the visits, bounce rate, the keywords, new vs returning visitors and, while this is great, if the traffic/readers are not doing what you are asking them to do (ie subscribe, purchase, hire) then the traffic counts do not mean a whole lot. The numbers that do matter are the ones that we are able to measure based upon performance. 

Establishing Goals

When we are creating our blog, we think about the topics, readers, how we will promote leaving very little thought on the goals of the blog. Establishing goals for your blog by identifying what is your intention, what do you want the blog to do for the company is the first place to start, even before design. It is easy to say that the goal of the blog is to many the company money. Sure, that is the intention of probably every business blog out there but this is so broad. Narrow it down to key points on what you want the blog to do so that you are able to create objectives to meet the goals.

Creating Attainable Objectives

Once you have created your goals, it is time to develop the objectives. Let’s say one of the blog goals is to Increase Awareness of Company Offerings through inquiries for more information or proposals. So, how do you plan on achieving the goal? What measureable items are you going to put into place to analyze progress? These measureable items are your objectives.  Your objectives play a supportive role to the goals as they are the basis for achieving the goal.

As stated above, the goal is: Increase Awareness of Company Offerings through inquiries for more information or proposals.


1. Write 40 blog posts per month.

2. Increase blog subscribers 25% over 6 months.

3. Participate in industry forums to increase and connect and engage with 3 members per month for 6 months.

These objectives state what you will be doing and for how long which provides a start and end date to track and analyze progress. Your objectives are the lead-in to the strategy and tactics. Your strategy and tactics are what you are actually going to do to obtain the objectives which attain goals. Seems like we are overlapping when we are really supporting each.  In order to achieve goals, you have to establish the objectives and how you will perform the objectives. 

The most important part about establishing goals and identifying objectives is ensuring that they are measureable and realistic. We all want our blog posts to be home runs every day and have 20,000 views each day but it takes time to grow an audience. Some posts do better than others and drive traffic for a day or so but sustainable traffic and loyal readers takes some time. Remember blogging is not a temporary fix, it is a part of the overall marketing strategy and not a short term campaign.

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  • Suzanne,

    I think another thing to add to this post is that we need to put our goals into perspective. For example, is it likely that a blog on coin collecting will have a wide enough audience to increase subscriptions by 50% each month.

    If we know just how many people are searching within a particular niche, we therefore get a clearer idea on how many people will likely subscribe or buy a product.

  • Josh

    Great addition to the article. Understanding your niche and the community interest is a big part in determining goals.

    Thanks for dropping in and adding to the article. Always appreciated.

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